Be A Great Kisser!

Kissing is really one of life’s simple pleasures!

As if we needed a really good reason to kiss the object of our desire, it turns out that some researchers believe that kissing evolved as a way to assess a potential partner’s compatibility because it exchanges a host of information about health and hormonal status.

KissingDr. Helen Fisher, one of my favorite love researchers and biological anthropologist, says that saliva contains the sex hormone testosterone, which triggers libido,” so the more time you spend kissing, the more primed you’ll be for sex, resulting in a more intense sexual experience.”

To amp up your kissing skills here are a few tips!

Sexologist Ava Cadell recommends putting on some mint lip balm to engage the senses/ “Menthol triggers the body’s cold receptors, and when that’s combined with your warm breath, you’ll feel a tingly sensation from your lips straight down to your genitals.”

Strawberries activate the sweetness receptors in your mouth, so when you kiss, your sense of taste will go into overdrive!  Create a little snack of champagne, strawberries and chocolate and then see what happens!

William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, recommends a move he calls “lip-o-suction.” To try it, softly kiss the upper lip while your partner lightly chews and sucks your lower lip, then switch.

A great kiss is more than lips and tongues….it’s hands and hugs, and whispers in the ear and lightly sucking of the ears and neck.  Think about blowing gently onto their skin, maybe lightly biting them here and there, and remember to pay attention to their breathing and any moans of pleasure you may hear.  It’s all about the senses …your & theirs.

And be sure to add to your soulmate wish list that your beloved with be a great kisser!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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