Love GPS – The Law of Attraction Meets Modern Technology!

Cosmic reminders often arrive at the most unexpected times. On Sunday afternoon Brian and I were with our friends David and Leize Perlmutter, speeding through the sea green waters of the Gulf of Mexico on their boat. In order to take in more of the magnificent scenery, Leize decided to put the boat on automatic pilot by setting the GPS. As she turned her back on the steering wheel, she explained to me that a satellite floating somewhere in outer space was now in control of the boat and would guide us effortlessly back to their waterfront home in Naples. Once Leize clearly defined our destination and entered that information into the computer, we were all able to relax and enjoy the ride, confident that we were on the right track.

As I thought about the cosmic implications of this simple act, I began to wonder why it’s so much easier to “trust” an unseen satellite to get us to our destination than it is to trust the infinite intelligence of the Universe to fulfill our dreams. Is it because we have seen GPS work in our car, so we trust it will work in the boat? Is it because satellites are a three dimensional “things” that we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands?

The fact is, the GPS that Leize used to guide our boat back to Naples operates under the same principles as the universal Law of Attraction. Like a GPS that has been programmed with the proper coordinates, the Universe has the ability to calculate the best route to deliver you to your destination – whether that destination is to fall madly in love, land a great new job, or achieve anything else that your heart desires. The Soulmate Secret will show you exactly how to set your intention, plot your course, and activate your inner GPS. Then, like Brian and I did this past weekend, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

Arielle Ford

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