The Healing Power of Love

This week my friend, Caroline Sutherland, a brilliant medical intuitive, shares her story with us on how she met her soulmate. When she was 40 a famous astrologer told her that her life” would begin at 60.” Not what she wanted to hear but at the age of 60 she found and married her soulmate, Gary. Her inspiring story speaks to the incredible healing power of love, and divine timing. Please enjoy Caroline’s story!

I met my future husband when I was teaching a workshop in Medical Intuition in Seattle. Gary was part of a group that had come to learn about this exciting branch of alternative medicine. I had been single for 18 years and I figured that the universe had given up on me. But in 2003, all of this was about to change.

As I sat down to do his “reading” I had a sense that Gary’s “will to live” was very faint showing the potential for a serious illness. He told me that he was an oncology nurse, surrounded by death and dying on a daily basis.

We said goodbye at the end of the weekend and I never thought I would see him again. However (I heard later) when he first saw me, a little voice inside his head said, “That’s her!”

The universe was obviously orchestrating things on a higher level and about a month later, I met him again at a dinner for a mutual friend.

I couldn’t believe the difference in this man. Gary had lost weight (25 pounds on the Sutherland program) he looked energetic and vital – very attractive. What a difference from the man I had met a month earlier in Seattle.

Exactly a month later, we met again by “accident” at a meditation retreat and we sat next to each other in several meditation cycles. As I tuned in to him I could sense that he was a sweet, dear man who exuded a wonderful calm presence. He was also a spiritual giant – an expert in Tibetan Buddhism.

Every day after the retreat, he called or emailed me and several weeks later he came to visit.

He stepped off the plane and presented me with a gift, a beautiful white porcelain statue of the Buddhist goddess of compassion Quan Yin. Within an hour he proposed to me, we had a long lingering kiss by the kitchen sink and things progressed rapidly from there. We both “knew.”

We share many interests in common and we are on the same spiritual path. We are extremely well suited.

Gary is a very nurturing, thoughtful person and treats me like a queen. Gary is also a wonderful cook – he cleans up the kitchen right away and brings the tea. Plus he puts the toilet seat down!

Marriage has added a new and wonderful dimension to my life. Looking back on my single life, there is really no comparison. This is a love that covers my heart and my soul. Our love continues to grow and blossom. And in observing Gary, he helps me to become a better person.

If you are looking for love, the next step is preparation. The more you love yourself, the more confidence you have in yourself and the more you accept yourself inside and out, the more attractive you become to that significant other. You become a magnet for attraction. Don’t give up. To find the right person is worth the wait.

Caroline Sutherland has been a medical intuitive for over twenty-five years, she is the author of The Body Knows – How to Tune into Your Body and Improve Your Health, The Body Knows Diet – Cracking the Weight Loss Code, The Body Knows About Hormones and her latest release, The Body Knows … How To Stay Young. Listen to Caroline on or one of her free Monday Night teleconferences or visit online at:

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