Dear Soulmate Manifesters,

My friend Christy Whitman, 38, manifested her soulmate, Frederic, three years ago. This weekend they sent me this photo of their gorgeous newborn boy, Alex. A long-time Law of Attraction practitioner and coach, Christy created her own brand of manifestation tools to bring Frederic and Alex into her life.

She used a series of very creative meditations where you meet and play with possible soul mates, and then choose the one you want to bring in. Christy also created a very extensive soulmate wish list and read it upon waking and before going to sleep each day so she could feel him there with her. She would also connect with her soulmate throughout the day knowing that he was “out there” and it was just a matter of time until they met. (I also found this to be a powerful practice when I was manifesting Brian. Everyday at sunset I would do a feelingization and deeply connect with my soulmate, trusting he was also connecting with me).

Christy was living in the “as if” her soulmate was already in her life. She was happy, satisfied and fulfilled and certain he was on his way to her. Here’s how they met: She went to personal growth workshop in New Jersey. As she was standing in a line to do the first exercise of the week, the man in front of her became her partner for the exercise. His name was Frederic. Her first thought when she saw him was OMG you’re so gorgeous! She knew instantly he was the ONE. With 48 hours Frederic knew that Christy was the ONE for him as well. They have now been married for two years and are thrilled to be new parents.

As you can see in their family photo, Christy has manifested BIG LOVE. Well-known for her coaching skills, Christy has put together an invaluable program for manifesting love. She shares all of her secrets in her program. Check it out at: ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL PARTNER

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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