Lady Gaga Has Changed Me

We recently went to Las Vegas to see Lady Gaga perform her “Jazz” show.

It was a beautiful mix of classic American standards (many she had sung on an album with Tony Bennett) and a medley of her pop hits.

I was fully expecting to be blown away by her voice, & costumes, the orchestra, etc.

What I wasn’t anticipating is this:

We witnessed pure, mind-blowing genius.

She gave more than 100%.  She gave 100% of every song to 100% of the audience.

It was unlike anything I have ever witnessed or experienced.

And it got me thinking…. What if I amped up my output to that level?

What would that look like?

What would that feel like?

How would it impact anyone around me?

When I figure it out I will let you know!

In the meantime, check out this 5 minute clip from the show:

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  1. says:

    Back in 2016 I was fed up with attracting the wrong men in my life and was about to give up on relationships. It was then that I found both ladies and it was a miracle. I am now with my soulmate. I never knew love could feel this way. This could not have happened without your help Claire and Arielle. Thank you!!!

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