This Is The Way To Overcome Doubt

Lately, the question I am hearing most often is, “How do I overcome my doubt that I will ever find my soulmate?” First I would ask you to determine: is this a random thought, a random doubt or do you have a serious “belief” that you will never find your soulmate? It’s important to make […]

Is It Too Late To Find Love?

Last week I met a beautiful 50-something woman named Wendy. She told me how much she enjoyed reading The Soulmate Secret and she was “hoping” she might get lucky and find love again, even though she still carried a torch for her ex-husband. She then said she was “realistic” about her slim chances of finding […]

Where Is Your Soulmate?

For those folks I almost always have the same answer: please remember the role that Divine Timing plays in all of life.

Manifesting in Baby Steps

I was about to tackle a subject that had never been written about before and I would need to reveal deeply personal things about my relationship with Brian to make the book authentic and believable. Yikes!