Who Is Holding Sacred Space for Your Dream?

Yesterday I was catching up with an old friend and we spoke about planning a holiday together. She suggested February 2025.

I asked her “Why wait, how about February 2024?” and she said, “No, I won’t be available as I will be helping my daughter with my new grandchild.”

I told her I was surprised because I hadn’t heard her daughter was finally pregnant after several years of trying.

In a very confident voice, my friend told me that her daughter isn’t pregnant yet but that she soon will be, thus she is making plans to be available for Grandmother duty.

This interaction reminded me of two things; the power of intention and the power of holding sacred space for someone else’s desire.

When I began manifesting my soulmate, I shared my intention and desire with my therapist, the late Jeremiah Abrams. He told me, “You deserve this, and I will hold sacred space for your dream to come true.”

Jeremiah was one of the first calls I made when we got engaged and he danced at our wedding, 25 years ago on August 9, 1998.

Since learning this all those years ago, I often offer to hold space for my friend’s biggest dreams, and I encourage them to send me a written statement of their dream to place on my altar.

For me, “holding sacred space” means praying and blessing another’s desires without agenda or judgment. I know, see, and feel their dream as reality.

There is power in being both the “holder of sacred space” and having another “hold sacred space” for you. When two or more are gathered…..

Wishing you Love, Laughter, and Magical Kisses,


P.S. In my novel, The Love Thief, there is a perfect example of “holding space” it is the relationship between Holly and her Love Walla, Deepak, who reminds her many times that her heart will heal and she will know love again.

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