Grateful for 25 Years of Life with My Guru

Several years ago, someone asked me the profound question “Who is your Guru?”

After a few heartfelt moments, I found myself whispering “Brian.”

To me, Brian is a Divine presence in my life.

Like a wise Guru, he has been the guiding light who has inspired and shared with me many important life lessons. And he loves and accepts all of my crazy, zany, quirky, sometimes annoying imperfections.

As we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary I want to share with you all the reasons I am so grateful to experience the blessing of spending my life with my “heart chakra on legs.”

Being married to Brian has been and is a transformative experience, that has made me a better, kinder, more loving, and more compassionate person.

His devotion, love, unwavering support and belief in me empower me to pursue my dreams and passions.

And Brian’s compassionate heart and love extend not only to me but to everyone living being he encounters.

I’ve often said, I want to be just like Brian when I grow up.

He’s loving, super smart, funny, evolved, grounded and mature in all the right ways.

Most importantly, with him I feel 100% loved, safe, heard, seen, and accepted.

Together we have conquered life-threatening illnesses and overcome the pain of tragic losses. Our journey has been graced with the love and support of cherished family and friends, enabling us to relish a truly fulfilling life. From enchanting travel escapades to joyous celebrations, our shared experiences he woven a tapestry of beautiful memories that we cherish deeply. As we move forward, we embrace the promise of even more magical moments to come.

Here’s a link to a 10-minute version of our wedding on August 9, 1998, with Kenny Loggins as our officiant and wedding singer.

Wishing you Love, Laughter, and Magical Kisses,


p.s. this is a very short video from Kenny Loggins.

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