Turn Up The Sexiness Quoitent

During my soulmate manifestation process, I decided to bring in a professional Feng Shui master to clear the clutter and negative energy of my home and to prime it for love.

I worked with a very talented man named Louis Audet ( http://www.fengshuilou.com/).

I remember the look of horror on his face when he walked into my bedroom and saw the painting hanging over my bed.

It was a large image of a woman lying on the ground. She appeared to have been dropped there by a large bird. In my mind it was mystical and she was asleep.

Louis saw a dead woman about to be eaten. He explained to me that whatever the interpretation of the painting, the image was not one that was promoting love, life and happiness but rather a single woman, alone and in a dangerous position.


Also, at that time, I had a thing for art deco prints of what to be seem to be “Goddesses.” As Louis walked around my home, he pointed out that ALL of my art was of single women. Thus, I was unconsciously programming myself to remain single.

While I had enjoyed this art for many years, I quickly agreed to change it to images of couples that would support my desire to manifest a soulmate.

A few weeks ago we stayed in the home of a friend and while I roamed around her townhouse, I noticed that all of her art was of single women. She too has remained single for long time. Which prompted me to share this story with you.

Spend some time this week carefully looking at the art and images you are surrounded by and ask yourself if these are supporting your soulmate quest or perhaps hindering it in some way.

As you know, our subconscious mind is very powerful so you will want to “feed” yourself all the positivity you can.

The image of the two lovers I’ve included here was painted by Sharron Katz (http://sharronkatz.com/) and now hangs in my office where I enjoy it all day long. By the way, Sharron’s website offers very reasonably priced romantic posters ($20) you can buy to increase the love vibe in your home.

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