Does he have the CAPACITY To Be A Good Partner?

As many of you know, I just completed hosting the Attract Your Soulmate Now! online series and it was amazing and wonderful AND I am headed out the door for a few days of R & R….so I’ve asked my dear friend and love expert, Carol Allen to stand in for me this week. If you have ever wondered if the man you re dating has the “capacity” to be a great partner for you, read on and enjoy! Hugs! Arielle

Dear Friends of Arielle,
As an astrologer, I find that women especially get so confused when it comes to love.
We think that if we feel great compatibility with a man (even, dare I say it – a soulmate connection), it means he will also be UP TO THE TASK of being the man for us.

But it doesn’t. You see, compatibility is one thing, but it’s not everything.
You can be compatible with a man (laughing at the same things, talking for hours, sharing HOT chemistry) that will only let you down…

And that’s because – while he may be ADORABLE and have a lot of the qualities you enjoy – he may not be able to be a good partner despite that great compatibility you share.

And it can be such a surprise, making it all the more heartbreaking…
When I was young and innocent, I thought that if a guy was fun, friendly, funny, smart, and seemingly successful – that automatically meant he’d be a good boyfriend, too.

If he had a lot of friends, and was close with his family, then he MUST be able to treat a woman well.
And if he liked ME, and we got along well, then OF COURSE he’d be good to me.
Oh, if only it were that easy.

Yup – I learned the hard way… I dated adorable men that were addicts, workaholics, angry, depressive, critical… you name it. But it took a long time to figure out what was going on.
And I’ve seen this happen with clients and friends time and again, too.

Often, even when the men had many good qualities without having big obvious “issues”… and were with women they were compatible with, it still simply wasn’t enough.


Because although they could be otherwise successful, these men weren’t good partners… and wouldn’t be with anyone!

In astrology, this capacity to be a good partner is called just that – “Relationship Capacity,” or “Capacity” for short.

And the ancient texts of Vedic astrology go to great lengths to describe what a woman needs to have in her horoscope to be a good wife… and what a man needs in his to be a suitable husband.

I’ve been using these techniques for many years with clients, and they work – explaining why two people could feel so connected, but still not get their needs met.

And for years I’ve wished I had a way I could help women everywhere discover all of this in themselves and the ones they loved without having to call someone like me personally…
And finally, I do!

The “Chart His Heart” report breaks a man’s personality down into his positive traits – those things about him that are adorable and that a woman can count on… and his not-as-positive traits that may get in the way of him being someone to let into your heart.

It then does something even better – it reveals if he can do the right things in life easily, or not. Letting you know if you can trust him, or should proceed with caution (or run!)…

So it breaks a man into two parts: the parts that make him loveable and the parts that make him capable of doing the right things (because, as I think I’ve made clear – they’re not the same

Then the “Chart Your Heart” report tells you all about yourself – what makes you personable and approachable to a man, but what perhaps makes you close up your heart and have a hard time letting love in.

Don’t worry, it gives specific advice as to how to shift or heal anything within you that makes you tough – if you’re too in your head, hard on yourself, or busy to give a man a chance to do for you.

(The report for men doesn’t have advice of how to help him change – because that never works, does it? But it does give information about how to deal with him and what to realistically expect from him. You can see sample excerpts of both men’s and women’s reports at the link below…)

One of the greatest things about astrology is that it can help you understand what’s going on at last – so you can stop blaming yourself, or thinking it’s YOU.
Please, don’t ever blame yourself for a man’s poor behavior, or knock yourself out for someone who can’t be what you need him to be when the problem is really his own weakness or limitation…

Is he as good as he seems? Is there something about him he could be hiding that you should know now, before he could hurt you? Is there something you’re blind to in yourself that pushes love away?

Is he a bad guy, or just a clueless guy who deserves your patience and understanding? It’s all here and it’s only $19.97…and, I’ll give you a full refund if you’re not satisfied. I want you to feel completely safe and comfortable to give it a try.

Sending you love,
Carol Allen

P.S. Arielle had me do a report on Brian and not surprisingly, it accurately described him and their relationship.

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