The Magical Formula for Creating Success

In these challenging times, it’s hard for many people to even let themselves imagine creating a prosperous, successful life.

But I believe there’s no better time to create success and a life you truly love than right now!

And you’ll learn how to create that success in a powerful ebook from my dear friend and international success guru, Debra Poneman.

In fact, Debra founded her success seminar company during one of the most difficult times in her life – she had just had a miscarriage, her marriage was unraveling, she had a major health challenge, she was in a job that was draining her soul, and she was so far beyond broke that broke looked good!

How did she turn it all around? She began studying the works of the great masters of success and prosperity from the last 100 years and had an epiphany… She realized she was looking for success in all the wrong places!!

In her e-book The 5 Secrets to a Life of True Success, she shares what she discovered and offers a new paradigm of success and the steps to achieve it.


In her ebook Debra suggests (and research confirms) that the reason the old paradigm of success so often leads people to despair is the expectation that obtaining material wealth or outer success will lead to fulfillment and inner happiness.

Although Debra says in her book that she is in no way averse to setting goals and taking steps to achieve them, she believes there’s an important component that’s often missing.

In her ebook, she offers that missing component: how to create an unshakeable inner foundation on which to build our success.

She then goes on to share tools and techniques to create outer success based on that foundation and tells heart-warming, real-life stories that illustrate how doing things like opening to receive love and engaging in “sacred activism” makes the manifestation of outer desires become quite effortless.

I particularly love the story about what the great spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told Debra when she asked him why everyone else loved him more than she did.

Tens of thousands of people all over the world have used the formula Debra shares in her e-book to create lives of ultimate success.

“I read every word of your book and it was breathtaking!! Truly amazing. I’m inspired and filled with a sense of awe. It’s very clearly not just a thrown-together loss leader like so many. This is the best ebook I’ve ever read.”

~ Shelly Lefkoe, Co-founder of the Lefkoe Institute

“I’d become immune to e-books and their promises of changing my life, but I heard you on a podcast and loved what you had to say so I thought I’d just take a glance at your book. I just finished it and I am in tears. My heart has been burst wide open by the stories you share (especially the one about your son) and I am completely committed to following your steps to true and lasting success.”

~ Carolyn D., Chicago

The world is ready to support you living true success now which includes having peace and happiness in your soul and being the contribution to our planet you long to be. Debra’s beautiful e-book shows you how.

Wishing you love, laughter and much success,


P.S. Don’t miss the story in Chapter 2 where Debra tells about the time she broke her foot and sprained her other ankle two days before one of the most important presentations of her life and how she turned the pain into one of her greatest successes.

P.P.S. When you download Debra’s e-book, you’ll then be invited to attend her free live webinar, 7 Keys to Break Through Limits and Live Your Ultimate Life.


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