The Big Benefits of Doing NOTHING!

Did you know that the secret to more creativity, innovation, good health and happiness depends upon your ability to do nothing?

Wow. This is great news.

Neuroscientists have recently proven that not only does “busyness” exhaust our nervous system (which I think we all know), it actually kills our ability to be productive and creative.

It turns out that unstructured time for daydreaming allows our brain to rest, meander, and reboot in a way that creates the space for solutions and new ideas to emerge! It’s what the scientists call “incubation” and leads to innovation.

In research from The Energy Project, it was revealed that a certain amount of inactivity is essential to creativity and that employees who take time out during the day have a 50 percent greater capacity to think creatively.

These same workers see a 46 per cent higher level of health and wellbeing.

Businesses benefit from allowing workers to chill out.

And it turns out that idleness is also great for your health resulting in a reduced heart rate, good digestion and better moods.

So, what are effective ways to chill out?

Watching TV isn’t it.

Nor is listening to music while you walk.

Why? All of these require your mind to be active.

The key to chilling out is to be aware of your intention going into empty time.

You need to choose to allow your mind and body to rest.

You need to be silent and just BE.

For most of us, doing nothing takes practice.

Next time you are doing the dishes or standing in line, allow your mind just to drift. Take five minutes a day to stare out the window.

Or lie in the grass and stare up into the clouds.

Simply allow your body to relax and allow your thoughts and feelings to unfold and watch what happens.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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