Do You TRUST the Universe?

Shit happens.

It just does.

We have good days, bad days, and mediocre days.

One day we feel great…top of the world.

The next day we feel like crap, get in a car accident, or worse.

Life is great. Life sucks.

This is just how it is……one step forward, two steps back.
Keep Calm and Trust the UniverseSo…here’s the BIG question: Why do so many of us live as if feeling bad is so WRONG?

I think there are two answers to this question:

#1 is that we were raised on the old Alka Seltzer jingle “plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.” We’re programmed to believe that there is a pill to pop to alleviate every pain or discomfort. (Even though we all know that physical pain is a necessary signal that something is calling for our attention.)

#2 we don’t believe that the Universe always has our back. Quite simply, we don’t trust God. We assume that whatever is happening…whether it’s the loss of a job, heartbreak, illness, betrayal, unexpected money issues, or roadblocks to our heart’s desires… we take it as a sign that we are doomed and more bad is on the way.

While just like everyone else I would rather avoid pain, in six decades on this planet, I’ve discovered that my greatest, most extraordinary “wins” in life have all come as a result of my most painful and difficult experiences. Over time I’ve learned to cultivate trust in the Universe.

As I began to witness in my own life that from the darkest times came the brightest results, I found the ability to trust both God and myself. I consciously sought out proof that the bad times were the soil in which my dreams came to fruition. (And yes, I admit, that I often wished for a genie in a bottle to make it all easier for me.)

If you are having a great day today, take a few moments to close your eyes, drop into your heart and really feel how grateful you are.  Deeply breathe in this gratitude and savor it.

And, if today is a bad day, close your eyes, drop into your heart, and take a few moments to feel what you are truly feeling….and then see if you can conjure up true gratitude for the possibility of the most wonderful thing that will soon come to you as a result of this difficulty.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


Pain vs. Suffering in Love

I have known the excruciating pain of heartbreak and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the reality and concept of suffering and how the words “pain and suffering” are so often linked together. Having experienced a lot of both in my life, here’s what I’ve learned so far: Pain is unavoidable, but do we have a choice about suffering?

Years ago, after a particularly bad breakup, I remember feeling as if a 747 jumbo jet had crash-landed in the middle of my chest. The pain was nearly unbearable and at times I felt like I would die. Crushed and hopeless, I wondered how I would survive.

I was indeed in pain and I was suffering.

Strange as it might sound, I am beyond grateful for that incident. It paved the way for the life I have today. Through that experience, I became clear about the traits and qualities I wanted in a soulmate and the level of commitment I desired in a relationship. The pain was real and unavoidable, but I now see that the suffering part might have been optional.

If (and I know this is a big IF), I had been able to understand that I was in the heart of a learning curve about love and relationships, and had I known that the pain would eventually dissipate and ultimately lead me to my greatest joy, then I think the suffering would have been a choice (at least to some degree).

I share this with you in the spirit of shining a light on whatever painful areas of your life you are now experiencing. You may want to write in your journal and begin a dialogue with your pain and see if you can find the future gifts it will bring you. Then ask the part of you that is suffering how and where you can find relief and even…..entertain the possibility of excitement about the future you can co-create with the Universe.

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