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Spring Cleaning Your Heart (and Home)

The last few days I have been on fire with Spring cleaning. Suddenly, I am filled with energy and motivation to clear out clutter, clean up old messes, wipe down the baseboards, throw out and give away things that aren’t needed… and it feels great. As part of your Spring Cleaning to enhance your love […]

Easy Feng Shui for Fabulous Spring Manifesting

It’s Spring ….yay! For all of us who love the longer, sunny days, Spring has finally arrived. This weekend our friend, Shawne Mitchell, came for a visit.  She is an expert who teaches Soul Style – Aligning Your Lifestyle with Your Soul. Part of her amazing books and programs include the art and science of […]

Spring Cleaning for Love

Clutter is usually defined as a disorderly heap or assemblage or a state or condition of confusion. Did you know that clutter can be a block to manifesting love? Feng Shui experts believe that clutter blocks the flow of energy and creates stagnation. Do you have things piled up around the house that need tending […]