Spring Cleaning Your Heart (and Home)

The last few days I have been on fire with Spring cleaning. Suddenly, I am filled with energy and motivation to clear out clutter, clean up old messes, wipe down the baseboards, throw out and give away things that aren’t needed… and it feels great.

As part of your Spring Cleaning to enhance your love life, my friend and Feng Shui expert Shawne Mitchell suggests enlivening the Marriage and Relationship section of your home.

To figure out where this is, stand in your front door (facing into your home) and locate the far right corner of the house (or of your bedroom) and this is it!

Not only does this section represent all love relationships, on a spiritual level it also represents your relationship to yourself.
To enliven this space, add artwork that depicts love and romance, or add pairs of things such as two lovebirds, or swans or any animals that mate, like dolphins.

Include fresh flowers, candles, and crystals (you can hang them from the ceiling on red or pink ribbons.)

Art by www.sharronkatz.com

For the romance corner of my office (see photo) I’ve also included my favorite photo of Brian and me.

While I was sorting and cleaning through a variety of items, I began to think about emotional items I could be clearing away as well.

Ask yourself questions such as:

What psychological clutter or negative emotions do I need to let go of?

Who do I need to forgive?

Who do I need to reach out to?

Who can I share more love with?

Clearing and cleaning the clutter of our hearts, minds, and home is a profound and beautiful way to welcome in this new season of hope and rebirth.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


Easy Feng Shui for Fabulous Spring Manifesting

It’s Spring ….yay!

For all of us who love the longer, sunny days, Spring has finally arrived.

This weekend our friend, Shawne Mitchell, came for a visit.  She is an expert who teaches Soul Style – Aligning Your Lifestyle with Your Soul. Part of her amazing books and programs include the art and science of Feng Shui. We were talking about ways to enliven the power places in our homes for Spring in order to boost love, money and health.

Here are a few of the juicy tips she shared:

LOVE – Spring is a great time for new, sensual, luxurious bedding, and for new lingerie and toys.  Why? Because Spring activates our sex hormones! And, consider painting the bedroom a fresh new color.

MONEY – First, place a pot of red geraniums by your front door to really activate abundance! Then, stand in your front door looking into your home, locate the far left corner or the NW quadrant of your home – this is your money corner. Add things such as gold coins, a brass pot for a plant or flowers (fresh, never dried) or a sterling silver tray – these items anchor in the frequency of abundance and money. It’s also a good time to create a money vision board or put up a painting or photograph that represents wealth and place in this section of your home.

HEALTH – Green live plants add vitality to your home and your personal health. You can put them all over the home, but they are especially enlivening in the kitchen and dining room. Then, create a special, sacred space for stretching, yoga, and meditation (and be sure to buy a new yoga mat or meditation pillow) as this will allow you to focus your energy on wellness.  Additionally, be sure to scent this space with lavender to de-stress.  And, if you are currently ill, place photos of yourself from healthier times as a reminder of who you really are.

Spring, the time of rebirth, is an optimum opportunity to rethink, recreate and re-envision what we most desire. Utilizing Feng Shui will help create the frequency of manifestation for you.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Spring Cleaning for Love

Clutter is usually defined as a disorderly heap or assemblage or a state or condition of confusion.

Did you know that clutter can be a block to manifesting love? Feng Shui experts believe that clutter blocks the flow of energy and creates stagnation. Do you have things piled up around the house that need tending to?

Take the time now to imagine what your home will look like to your soulmate when he or she walks through the door. Will they see a disorganized mess or will they find a comfortable, inviting home?

We are now in the heart of Spring so lets get ready to clear out the clutter in our closets, underneath the bed and anywhere else in your home clutter has accumulated.

Then, lets clear the clutter in our hearts, the unresolved issues of past heartache. Remember to practice forgiveness and do the feelingizations so that you are ready to invite new love into your life. (you can download the feelingizations for free at The Soulmate Secret).

Finally, lets purge your home of any negative energy (left by old lovers) using the Native American technique of smudging. Or, you can always simply open your doors and windows on a sunny day and take a broom and imagine you are sweeping out any old or negative energy.

Once the clutter and the negative energy is cleared out bring in items and symbols of new love that will remind you to practice living as if – new plants, fresh cut flowers, candles, fresh linens, etc.

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth and a great time to re-commit to manifesting your soulmate. What will you do this week to remove clutter?

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