OMG, you won’t believe this!

My friend (and my sister Debbie’s dear friend), world-famous medium James Van Praagh called last December to invite me, Bri, and my Mom to visit his new home here in San Diego and he offered us a reading with my sister in heaven, Debbie.  This was an irresistible offer, as it’s now impossible to get private readings with James.

During the reading, Debbie kept asking me if I would write a prayer book with her.  I politely declined.  How in the world would he do that?  We couldn’t possibly impose on James to be a daily intermediary and I didn’t have any desire to figure it out.

During the “reading” lots and lots of relatives from the other side came through and in between these lovely visits, Debbie would pop in, insisting we write a prayer book together.

Eventually, I gave in and said yes, clueless as to how this would happen.

On the drive home, Brian mentioned that he recalled Debbie talking about some prayers she had written and suggested I contact the amazing Julie Stroud, (who to this day runs The Ford Institute along with Kelly Kosow) to see if she had any of these prayers.

Julie, who was Debbie’s right hand everything for years, immediately wrote back and said not only did she have the prayers, she had an entire unpublished manuscript entitled Your Holiness: Discover the Light Within, and it was attached to the email.


Debbie wrote a prayer book and I never knew?

How was that possible?

I immediately read the book – astounded at the wisdom, the beauty, and the brilliance of it.

And, then I called her editor at Harper One, who admitted that he had been feeling guilty for the past several years because he knew that she always wanted to write a prayer book but he talked her out of it.

Well, guess what?

He bought the book and it will be published on March 6th with an introduction from Marianne Williamson.

Here’s what Deepak Chopra has to say about Your Holiness:

Debbie Ford was a spiritual sister, colleague, and teacher to me. This book, discovered as her writings after her passing is an extraordinary journey to higher consciousness. Read it, absorb her insights and you may see the world fresh, vibrant and holy and as if for the first time.”

In two days, this Thursday ONLY, for 24 hours, the e-book version will be on sale for $4.99 as a pre-order.

I will be sending out an email on Thursday with the subject line: Debbie Ford’s Lost Manuscript if you would like to take advantage of it.  (The normal retail price of the e-book will be $11.99.)

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Starts tomorrow 5:30pm… PT Marianne Williamson & me

Have I shared with you lately how much I love my soulmate?

Brian is one of the most loving and easiest people on the planet to be with and what you may not know about him is the incredible amount of nurturing and support he provides for me when I am in crazy work mode.

For the past several months I have been fully immersed in the creation of a big new project… it’s been very creative, fun, time-consuming, and super-inspiring.

And, knowing that Brian is always there to encourage me, feed me, hug me, and rub my shoulders makes it so much easier.

Brian is a daily reminder of how great life can be when you share it with your soulmate which is why my dream, my mission, is to make sure that everyone who desires a soulmate has everything they need to make it happen.

Here’s what I know for SURE:
Everyone (especially you) is deserving of soulmate love and there are many possible soulmates out there (they are looking for you!).

If you are willing to give a little time, energy, intention and attention to your love life (and many of you already have, but maybe make time for just a little bit more), love will be yours!

Beginning tomorrow night, I will be hosting a NO COST online series, Attract Your Soulmate Now, featuring the world’s leading experts on love and relationships for 9 days to share their love manifestation secrets and techniques in ONE powerful place.

Join me for the LIVE KICK OFF call at 5:30pmPT, when Marianne Williamson and I launch this “Virtual Seminar.”

For the next 9 days you will hear all the latest and best from Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt, John Gray, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf, Laura Day, Alison Armstrong, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Marci Shimoff, Colette Baron Reid, Katherine Woodward Thomas, and many others. ) These are actual workshops that will provide you with cutting edge information on finally manifesting the love of your life.

It’s all f.ree, sign up now at

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses!


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Get Your Hug from the Divine Mother

Nearly 20 years ago Deepak Chopra told me a story about a hugging saint from India named Amma.  He told she was the “real deal” and if I ever had a chance to see her in person, not to miss it.

A month before I met Brian, I received my first hug from Amma.  While she was hugging me, I whispered in her ear and asked her to heal my heart of anything that would stop me from manifesting my soulmate.  She laughed and hugged me tighter. That night I had dreams that gave me very clear clues about Brian and she also sent him dreams about me.  On the day that we met we recognized each other and a year later Amma married us.  Our 15th anniversary is in a few weeks.

Amma is known for her selfless love and compassion toward all beings. Her entire life has been dedicated to alleviating the pain of the poor and those suffering physically and emotionally. Amma inspires, uplifts and transforms through her physical embrace, and her spiritual wisdom. Throughout her life, Amma has embraced and comforted more than 32 million people.

 When asked where she gets the energy to help so many people while simultaneously running a massive humanitarian organization, Amma answers:

“Where there is true love, everything is effortless.”

Amma is now on an American tour and if you would like a little assistance on your quest to manifest a soulmate, I would suggest you arrange to have a hug from Amma. There is no charge to attend the public sessions and receive a hug although you generally will wait several hours as thousands will be in attendance.

Trust me, it is worth the wait!

While you are waiting for your hug you will have the opportunity to see unconditional love in action.  As Amma looks at each individual, she does so with the most amazing amount of love beaming from her eyes. It’s truly something to experience and witness. You can find her schedule here.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses!


Arielle Recommends: Spiritual Laws of Superheroes

In what may be his most creative work yet, internationally renowned New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra brings you:

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes….

written with his son Gotham!

You might remember how in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Chopra provided his insights and deep wisdom on how you can materially improve your life. He’s widely considered one of the GREATEST AUTHORITIES on consciousness today, and never before have his insights been more relevant.

Our world is at a major crossroads, and our lives on this planet are desperately in need of a monumental shift. In his new book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes, Deepak Chopra shows us how to create that shift by tapping into our inner superhero.

Deepak Chopra and his son Gotham will expertly guide you through the seven essential laws that govern the realm of superheroes, explaining how they will help you uncover greater happiness, courage, balance, creativity, compassion and purpose!

I just know you’re going to LOVE this book! And I can’t wait for you to read it because I think it’s the coolest book on spirituality out there.

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Arielle Recommends: The Shadow Effect

Is your dark side making your choices and driving your behavior? Join my sister, Debbie Ford, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson on a journey of transformation. Never before have these three New York Times bestselling authors joined together to delve into this most provocative and powerful inquiry.

The Shadow Effect will solve the mystery of why you do what you do. It will explain the hidden power of your unclaimed self and support you in returning to your true authentic expression. In The Shadow Effect, Deepak Chopra illustrates our dualistic nature and gives a prescription for wholeness.

Debbie Ford examines the birth of the shadow and the role the shadow has in sabotaging our success, relationships, diets, and dreams. And Marianne Williamson touches our hearts and minds with an exploration of the shadow and the soul.

This practical book is designed to support you in breaking free from repetitive patterns and self- defeating behaviors while illuminating your deeper heart and finding authentic compassion for yourself, others and the world.

The courage to reclaim all of yourself is already within you. Take this journey and reclaim your right to the life you were meant to live and be who you were meant to be. This book holds the power to transform your future.

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My new book Wabi Sabi Love is now available!  Finding your Soulmate is just the beginning.  Read how successful couples keep the soulmate fire burning.  Receive a priceless bonus bundle of advanced love attraction resources and techniques when you order your copy right here:   Wabi Sabi Love

The Coca-Cola & Brownie Solution

I have invited my sister, Debbie Ford, to be a guest columnist today to share with you a powerful story that led her to her work around “the shadow” and the release of her new book THE SHADOW EFFECT which is co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. Please enjoy her wisdom:

People are always asking me, “Why are you so passionate about the shadow? Why do you continue to write, train, teach and encourage people to deal with their darkness?”

More than once, I’ve been urged to write about the light, to call in the angels, to eat some raw food, to talk to the dead, or to say my affirmations. “The light, the light is the answer!” they say. But I constantly keep going back, returning to what gave me access to the luminous light that shines in my life right now.

I recall the time in my own life when Coca Cola and brownies were my solution, my moment of light and holiness. The mixture felt so so fine. For a moment, I felt deeply loved, at peace and blissfully calm. The internal voice in my mind stopped screaming negative messages, taunting me to do more, get more and be more.

But one day when the Coca Cola and brownie solution stopped working no matter how many liters I inhaled or how many pans of brownies I stuffed into my body, I embarked on a quest to find out how I could feel happy, whole, loved and blessed.

In a moment of enlightened thought I was given a deep understanding and an unwavering knowing that until we shine the light not just on our good self but also on our hungry, stuck, frustrated, depressed, empty, scared, insecure and unworthy self, we will continue to be caught in the chase of more, better and different and controlled by our bad and addictive behaviors that rob us of loving who we are and living the

So I am here today to tell you that there are no shadows when we are one with the great illuminator, the love of all loves, the divine and rich parts of ourselves, that hold the power to illuminate our truest, most authentic self.

That is why now I urge you too admit to what “empty solution” is no longer working in your own life and mark today as a new beginning, driven by an unwillingness to tolerate any form of fear that no longer serves you and instead go deeper into the great hunt for the light within that cast out the darkness that you often think of as YOU.

Now for the first time in history Deepak Chopra, myself and Marianne Williamson have joined forces to bring you and in depth, practical guide through the darkness and into the light of your highest most deserved life.

Claim it today along with many amazing gifts and I promise from the deepest place in my heart that you will be lite up, excited and passionate by when you discover the brilliance of your true self.

Please visit Debbie’s website to see the amazing bonuses she, Deepak & Marianne are offering:

My new book Wabi Sabi Love is now available!  Finding your Soulmate is just the beginning.  Read how successful couples keep the soulmate fire burning.  Receive a priceless bonus bundle of advanced love attraction resources and techniques when you order your copy right here:   Wabi Sabi Love