Say YES to Love and Possibility

Here’s what I know for sure: there is MORE than enough love in the world for all of us.

I know you are busy.

I know you may be disappointed, frustrated or ready to give up on love.

AND….if you are willing to be open, willing and available to love and add in a little time, energy, intention and attention, love will be yours.

Nearly every day I receive an email or letter from someone who has manifested their soulmate and, this week I received three wedding invitations! It’s always so gratifying to hear about soulmates coming together. I am so looking forward to hearing your success story!

Here’s a letter I got from Johanne:

Dear Arielle,

After being single for 18 years and with three grown children, successful and on their own life journey, I was ready, at age 51, for more than a new chapter in my life; I was ready to start a new book.

I studied The Soulmate Secret and applied each principle in my life. I made lists, created vision boards, rearranged furniture, cleared closets, parked tightly on one side of the driveway and practiced a life of living “as if. “

I became more aware of how much love I had to give and I also became aware of what it meant to have a partner in my life. While going through this process I realized that although I knew how to love, the years of being single had left me rigid in my own thinking.

I had set up my life very comfortably as a single woman with most of my decisions being effortless and habitual. What to buy for dinner, what movie to rent, packing the car for weekend trips, etc…

By doing the feelingizations I was transformed to think and act as a partner of a loving soul mate and gained some insight of my independent lifestyle that left little room for sharing which is what I wanted most, to share life with someone.

I had set up my life to not allow a partner in! I looked at the men that I had dated and as I made a mental list of their undesirable traits, I saw a mirror image of myself; Non-committal, distant, unavailable, set in their ways, and selfish.

As I changed and did things in my life with the feelingizations of having my soul mate right at my side, I viewed myself differently. I slowed down my steady pace of getting things done and enjoyed the moments of feeling in love and doing special things that lovers do.

I bought sappy greeting cards, lit candles at dinner, played sexy music while doing dishes, rented movies that made me laugh, kept clean line dried sheets on the bed and bought “us” new pillows. I dressed in cute frolic type outfits and wore matching undergarments.

Instead of bringing a book to read at the lake, I brought a thermos of coffee and built sand castles in the early morning. I even started sleeping outside under the moon and stars, wrapped in a patchwork quilt and thoughts of love. All along, I felt his presence near me; I felt our love for each other and our love of life together.

Today I am engaged to be married to my soul mate that enjoys exactly what I felt; Right down to the sappy greeting cards and sleeping under the stars. We are deeply in love and cherish all our time together. And it is better than all my wildest dreams, for I now know who he is.

We embrace and call each other “star partners” as that is what brought us together. You see, he also was looking into the sky and dreaming me up in his mind.

Our wedding date is April 5th 2013 and we are so happy and in love…thank you for all the support.

Much love,


Whether you are 25, 50, 75 or older, there IS a beloved out there who is also looking for you.

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