Stop waiting for “Someday”

Kobe Bryant’s untimely death on Sunday (he was only 41!) came as a shock to his fans around the world.
Kobe Bryant

It’s so hard for me to wrap my head around how one moment you are living and seconds later it’s game over.

Real life is unpredictable and this tragedy is a reminder for me to use my limited time on Earth to experience the people, places, and things that most appeal to me and to use my creativity and skills to add a little magic and healing to the planet.

What is on your bucket list and do you have a plan to make it happen?

Please don’t wait till it’s too late to find love, or love the one you’re with, or write that book, do that dance, take that trip, take that leap of faith.

If you need inspiration and motivation, read my brilliant friend, Sam Horn’s, book “Someday Is Not A Day In The Week.”

Click here to get your copy.

Yikes! I need Extra Strength Rose Colored Glasses

I don’t know about you, but I am finding my usual sunny, optimistic outlook on life
feels more like a big, dark cloud of doom at the moment.

With all the political unrest, the fires in Australia, daily gun shootings, general, escalating chaos in the world, and a crazy amount of family and friends with challenging illnesses to deal with, I am finding myself needing stronger than usual rose-colored glasses.

Thankfully I do have my toolkit of spiritual and emotional techniques to keep me sane (especially EFT tapping), but when I think about all that is occurring, the future looks bleak to me.
I realize that the majority of the things getting me down are not “personal” to me, except to say that since we are all connected in the field I am experiencing what Deepak calls “jittery platelets.”

My commitment for right now is just to allow myself to experience life as it is (in small doses) and then use my toolkit to transform in order to stay resilient and transform negative into positive while I pray for rain, healing, and new possibilities!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Two (free) Fun Baby Steps to More Love, Better Health

As part of my commitment to stay healthy and get healthier this year, before I get out of bed each morning I begin each day listening to my Morning Love Raising feelingization.

This 14 minute audio is focused on bringing love, light and healing to my body, mind and spirit and sets me up to have a great day.

In the past I used to start my day looking at my email on my iPad (while still in bed) and depending on what kind of emails I had gotten over night, my day could easily be energized or ruined pretty quickly.

This new plan is so much better.

Now I wait until I have gotten to my desk (after eating a healthy breakfast and exercising) before diving into work!

To access this free audio, click on the link below and go to “Feelingizations.” For better health and a great day listen to the 3rd one called Morning Love Raising.

And for manifesting your desire, scroll down that page till you see me in a Video screen title Deep Heart Guided Meditation.

Click here to access both!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Acts of Faith – Manifest Faster

Happy New Year and if you are like me, chances are you have a list of goals, desires or intentions (hopefully written down on paper and shared with an accountability partner).

One of the lesser known manifestation tools is called “Acts of Faith.”

This is something you do when you are so trusting that your desire will be fulfilled, that you acquire something that you would want or need if the desire arrived right now.

For instance, if your desire is to meet and marry your soulmate a gigantic Act of Faith would be to buy your wedding dress now.

Or, a smaller but more comfortable, Act of Faith would be to buy your wedding cake topper and place it on your love altar. This way every time you see this wedding cake topper it affirms your belief that your wedding day is on the way. (the one pictured here is $18 on Amazon)

I have just written my first novel and am now in the process of finding the perfect publisher. My Act of Faith is to celebrate when the contract is signed and take a tropical beach vacation with some of the advance money I make. Once I figure out where I most want to go, I will be making reservations in anticipation of all of this coming to fruition.

Another one of my big intentions for this year is to turn my new novel into a movie. My Act of Faith is to learn how to make a movie so I joined (the annual cost is $180) and I am now in the middle of my first online video course with director Mira Nair (who I also hope will end up directing my film)!

An Act of Faith doesn’t need to cost much but it does need to inspire you to “live as if” and to trust that what you’ve asked for is already yours.

Email me at and tell me your intention and act of faith, and I will share some in an upcoming blog.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Raising Love Frequency – the easy steps

Love has been described as an intangible connection between two people that feels exceptionally good and yet, the word and experience of love, cannot be easily defined.

There is wild, crazy “being in love,” and there is the love of a child, friends, family, pets, co-workers, neighbors, community, etc. Then there is “divine love”and connection to God, Goddess or whatever higher power you subscribe to. I think we can all agree that having and being love is a good thing.

The entire Universe is made up of energy and we impact this energy field with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and actions. All of us our vibrating, all the time, at various frequencies.

When we are in fear, self-doubt, judgment or anger, we are vibrating at a low frequency. When we are focused on love, inspiration, doing good for others, we are vibrating at a higher frequency….the frequency of love.

Think of yourself as a radio tuner with many stations. Do you want to stay tuned into the FEAR channel of the BLISS channel? You have the power to change channels at any time and it requires that you stay aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and rise up to the challenge of being an emotionally mature adult and turn the dial from the negative channel to the happy channel.

Many of you have heard the saying, what you put your attention on grows. When your attention is on love, you magnetize even more love. Conversely, when your attention is on not having love, or you are focused on how lonely you are, or any area of lack, you inadvertently draw this experience to you, and you are actually repelling that which you desire.

One of the fastest ways to raise your love frequency is by doing a very simple daily practice. First, make a list of all the people that you love that you know also love you. Then each day, look at this list and as you do put your attention on your heart as you allow yourself to feel the love you have for each person and from your heart send them a wave of love. By spending a few minutes each day filling yourself with the experience of love and cosmically sharing that love, you not only raise your love frequency but also make your heart magnetic to more love.

When you are consciously tune into the higher love frequencies you not only become magnetic to love you also radiate your essence and become much more attractive. Another big benefit comes from the scientific research from the Institute of Heartmath which has proven that when you are focused on feelings of love, appreciation and gratitude you boost your immune system for up to 8 hours which means you will be healthier and happier!

Sure-fire ways to raise your love frequency:

  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Fill yourself with feelings of love, appreciation and gratitude.
  • Practice forgiveness.
  • Practice receiving.
  • Practice knowing and trusting that you’re co-creating with the Universe; and remember that if you have a desire, the desire is proof for the seeds for its fulfillment.

Tonight, as we celebrate the beginning of a New Year and a New Decade, lets collectively choose to begin vibrating at a higher frequency of love and if we do, I believe we can positively impact ourselves and the world.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

Deep, Powerful Process to Set Your Future

I am blessed to know many brilliant people and one of them is my friend Sam Horn, CEO of the Intrigue Agency and bestselling author. Sam created a process of Review-Preview questions so you can reflect on the highlights of the previous year and clarify what you’re looking for in the coming year/decade and I’m excited to share this with you as we end the year and begin a new decade.

Sam used to host Review-Preview salons at the National Press Club. Every December, they would gather to share highlights and lessons-learned from the previous year – and what they’re looking forward to in the coming year.

Many people told her they appreciated these opportunities to “connect and reflect” on highlights, intentions, what really impacted them – and why.

One participant said, “This is kind of like a verbal vision board party, isn’t it? I’ve done vision boards in the past. It’s uncanny how many of the things I put on my board came true.”

You are welcome to use these 10 Review Questions and 10 Preview questions to facilitate a fascinating conversation that adds value for all involved.

Feel free to adapt these questions as you see fit, or to create ones you feel will help people honor, as Mary Oliver said, “our one wild and precious life.”

10 Review Questions:

  1. What is a favorite place I discovered, explored or spent time in?
  2. Who is someone who really impacted me? How so?
  3. How did I change? What new/different beliefs and behaviors did I adopt?
  4. What’s a meaningful achievement or skill acquired I’m proud of?
  5. What happened that was unexpected or surprising? How did it affect me?
  6. What will I remember about my health from this year – and why?
  7. What was my biggest challenge – lesson learned the hard way?
  8. What did I NOT make time for – and I wish I had?
  9. What is the best book I read or movie/TV program I saw? Why?
  10. What experience and/or person am I most grateful for? Why?

10 Preview Questions:

  1. Who is someone I want to spend more quality time with? How will I do that?
  2. How will I contribute, give back, make a difference for others?
  3. What is one specific way I will stay active and take good care of my health?
  4. What is a new experience or place I want to explore? When will I do this?
  5. What is a meaningful goal or skill I’d like to achieve/acquire by the end of the year?
  6. Who is a new person I’d like to meet? How will I reach out to that person?
  7. What or who do I miss that I’m going to bring back into my life? How?
  8. What is a morning ritual or spiritual practice I’ll do to start each day off right?
  9. What is one thing I’ll do every week to bring joy into my life?
  10. How will I be a better person – parent – partner – leader in the coming year?

As you can imagine, there may not be enough time for people to answer all these questions.

They are welcome to choose which questions are most meaningful to them. Or, you can pare the list down to the questions you feel are most relevant.

You might want to download the app Otter.AI (, a voice recorder which provides a written transcript in real-time for free).

Ask people’s permission to record the conversation so they have the option to print a copy of what they shared, and access it whenever they want, as often as they want, in the years ahead.

Thornton Wilder said, “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”

Review-Previews are a way to celebrate being alive – for our heart and head to be conscious of life’s treasures.

When and where will you have your Review-Preview?

Put it on your calendar right now and start inviting people.

I promise, it will be time well spent, time well remembered, time well invested.

>> Learn more about Sam Horn <<

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Pull Up Those Big Girl Panties!

Today I am sending all of you a virtual pair of Big Girl panties as you embark on a New Year – a year to be filled with love, laughter and the meeting of your soulmate/lifepartner.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are putting them on now.

The purpose of these Big Girl panties is to be a constant reminder that you deserve Big Love.

The fact that you have the desire for this is PROOF of its fulfillment.

Your soulmate/lifepartner is out there seeking you!

It is your job to be open, ready, available and VISIBLE so you can find each other. And, you can make this process FUN!!!!

You do not get to know in advance where he/she is right now or how they will come in to your life (and even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me).

For those of you who are anxious, nervous, or fearful about the process, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Dating is essential to success and you need to accept that it’s likely you will go on some bad and disappointing dates, that you maybe ghosted, stood up, etc.

If you choose to make up a story about this, that somehow you are bad, wrong, not enough, or whatever, you are choosing to be a victim. Stop it. When these things happen (and it’s likely they will) know that you have dodged a bullet.

Pay close attention to behavior as opposed to what someone says, they should be in alignment.

Protect your privacy and be careful. If you have expressed yourself about certain things and they decide to pressure you in spite of that, this is a RED FLAG.

You are seeking a lifetime partner who is respectful. Never forget that.

Be patient. Love at first sight is extremely rare. It takes time to get to really know someone. Give yourself (and them) the gift of time.

When on a date, remember to keep looking for what’s right. If you are looking for what’s wrong, you are guaranteed to find fault. This does not mean you ignore glaring warning signs, it simply means you accentuate the positive.

There will come a day when you will be SO HAPPY that you put in the time, energy, intention, attention and money to manifest your beloved.


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Will you LOVE all of you – wounds, warts, and all?

Long, long ago, I thought if I just took the right workshop, read the right self-help books, or found a magic wand, I would find happiness and peace of mind.

And, doing all of those things helped a bit.

It certainly gave me some relief as well as insight and understanding as to how and why I had my issues.

But, after thousands of dollars, countless hours of various practices, I finally figured something out: Getting rid of the problem isn’t the best goal, and in a lot of cases, with core wounds, not even possible. Having worked closely with many of the biggest names in personal growth, here’s what I observed:

They went on a mission to heal something within themselves.

They found a solution.

They became so excited they wanted to share it with the world, which they did or have done.

And, while they (and I) came up with ways to mitigate and offset their personal pain, and maybe even healed themselves 80%, their core wound(s) are still a driving factor in their lives. Whether their issue was feeling like a fraud, poverty consciousness, insecurity, eating disorders, or being unlovable, etc.

I’ve learned that while they are highly functional and successful, they still have their demons.

For me, witnessing this was an aha moment.

While I am very grateful that I have a “spiritual tool kit,” filled with things to get me through my bouts of negative thinking and/or anxiety, I have come to accept that my issues are here for good, and I can use my tools to alleviate any suffering while I do the most important thing which is this:
I get to accept all of me, wounds, warts and all, and to stop looking for the cure-all and just love me. Perfectly, imperfect me.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Turkey Day Fun & Survival Tips

Thanksgiving with the family can be a mixed bag of emotions…from happiness and gratitude to stress, anxiety and worse when your buttons get pushed. Most likely you may experience a bit of all of these feelings.

To move yourself from “annoyed to enjoyed”, whether the Turkey burns or Uncle Joe gets sloppy drunk, do what I do – remember that my #1 job is to “be pleasant” while having the intention to have as much fun as possible.

Whether you are cooking at home or a guest at someone’s house, put on your imaginary rose colored glasses while setting the intention that you are bringing the love, the light, and the fun.

As you greet each guest, offer them a warm hug and a sincere compliment and ask them what they are most excited about these days and then really listen to them. Make the day all about everyone else in the room.

Have few dumb jokes ready to share.
One of my favorites is this:
Did you hear about the zoo that only had one dog?
It was a shitzu!!

If you are single and someone is prying about your love life, and you don’t want to get into it with them, try this:

“Thanks for asking, I am doing some casual dating and having fun. What are YOU up to these days?” (basically, change the subject)

Or, if you want to mess with them, try a version of this:

“I’m madly in love! I have found this brilliant artist who lives off the grid in a tent in an RV campground with his three dogs and writes me the most breathtaking poetry. He’s been sober for six months and is re-establishing relationships with his four kids and two ex-wives, the sex is amazing, and I really think he’s the one! I’ll keep you posted. Then either laugh and tell them you are joking, or walk away and keep them hanging.

To get you into a deeply loving space, please enjoy this 8-minute gratitude and love feelingization.

Wishing you a delicious and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Your Dream Is Already A Reality

The core basis of my belief and understanding about manifestation (whether you are manifesting love, a car, a new career, or a new little black dress) is this:

There is no “time.” The past, present, and future all happen simultaneously. When we have a desire for something, it’s because some part of us “already knows that this is possible for us,” on an unseen level.

Your dream is not some random thing out there somewhere, it is already in existence, calling upon you to dream it into your existence.
To do this, we must be willing to own and embrace the dream or desire and then take the necessary, appropriate action steps to bring it into 3-D reality.

The secret sauce for this is what I call feelingizations™ a process to get you out of your head and into your heart to deeply feel that what you have asked for IS already yours.

In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, explained that there is a Universal field of energy that connects everything and everyone and he called this the Divine Matrix.

According to my amazing friend, Gregg Braden, author of The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief:

“The Divine Matrix is our world.

It is also everything in our world.

It is us and all that we love, hate, create and experience.

Living in the Divine Matrix, we are as artists expressing our innermost passions, fears, dreams and desires through the essence of a mysterious quantum canvas. But we are the canvas, as well as the images upon the canvas.

We‘re the paints, as well as the brushes.

In the Divine Matrix, we are the container

Within which all things exist, the bridge between

The creations of our inner and outer worlds,

And the mirror that shows us what we have created.

In the Divine Matrix, you are the seed of the miracle as well as the miracle itself.”

Remember the key to manifesting is to feel as though your dream or desire is accomplished and your prayers are already answered. Click here to access some free feeelingzations™.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,