A faster Way to Manifest Your Desires

Like most people, I want what I want, when I want it and I want it now.

And the word “want” is a surefire way not to get it.


Wanting implies that something is missing. It implies lack. And when you are in the state of wanting, all the Universe can give you is more of the feeling of “wanting.”

It’s a cycle of doom most times.

Now, when you have a deep desire for something and that desire is rooted in knowing and trusting that what you have asked for IS already yours, well, that’s when the magic can and does happen.

However, understanding this intellectually doesn’t make it so.

The Law of Attraction is slippery stuff as I found out when I began practicing it.

Fortunately, along the way, I have had many great coaches who kept me focused, inspired, motivated, and held me accountable for co-creating my desires with the Universe.

I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today if I hadn’t reached out and utilized coaches in my life.

I have recently partnered with an amazing group of coaches who specialize in the Law of Attraction …they have been trained by the greats, including Joe Vitale. And I have trained them in my work so that they can help their clients attract Big Love in addition to supporting them in every important area of life from money to career to health. They are masters at blasting away your limiting beliefs so you can have the life of your dreams.

Imagine breaking through the cycle of wanting and being able to attract what you want now, with the right help.

If you would like to see for yourself how this works, please click here to fill out a short form and receive a free 45- minute coaching consultation.

A gift from me to you!

Coaching has been my secret power source, let it become yours too!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Join me in Magical Mexico to Manifest Love After 50


You do not need to lose weight, get a better job, or love yourself more, to manifest the love of your life but you do need to take action! I am so excited to share with you a very special 5-day workshop that I’ve created specifically for men and women over 50 who want to manifest love that will last the rest of their lives.

Join me this December 2 – 7 at a luxurious new retreat center in beautiful Baja California Sur, Mexico (north of Cabo San Lucas), at the Modern Elder Academy — the world’s first midlife wisdom school. Located on a beautiful oceanfront campus, the workshop includes everything once you land at SJD airport: private shuttle, beautiful and comfortable rooms, delicious and healthy chef-prepared meals, an idyllic setting w/ pools, yoga, hot tub, steam room, and even celebratory dance parties—all while providing a life-transforming curriculum and experience.

My observations (and new studies are proving) that finding love after 50 has never been easier IF you know what you are doing. If you are hanging around hoping, wishing, dreaming that LOVE will just happen organically, chances are you will still be single a year from now.

There are only 14 spaces remaining, so if you think this might be for you click here for more info: (scroll down until you see “MASTERY WEEK w/Arielle Ford.”)

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The Courage To Change

Right thinking is the fountain of success. When you think right, you make the right choices.

The right decisions will lead to the right actions, and right actions lead to outstanding results.

In The Courage to Change Everything, you’ll uncover the formula for ongoing success and the unfoldment of your transformation.

This must-read book is by my friend, Ken D Foster.

I highly recommend it.

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Don’t Fall for the BS about this!

There is an axiom that’s been circulating in the personal development world for years now that says we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with (attributed to Jim Rohn and others).

And I say its Bull Sh$t. (and some have a $100k a year program to make sure you meet and circulate with the “right” folks)

It’s a good way to make people paranoid.

Don’t believe that the 5 people you spend the most time with — even if they are broke, sick, negative or failing in life — that you too will soon be like them.

The purveyors of this madness claim these traits are “contagious” and if you really want to be successful you need to be hanging out with wealthy, super healthy, skinny, very successful folks. (If this were true my retirement account would be off the charts)

There is even a new “study” out that claims if you are hanging out with obese people, chances are 48% you too will become obese.

I am pretty sure that this study didn’t take into account that these people may be in families, where everyone eats the same thing, and perhaps can’t afford more than fast food but that’s another rant for another day.

I grew up with an obese father and his family were all big people, and yet, the rest of my immediate family were always normal weight.

Dad’s obesity was not contagious, but fortunately his passion for social justice was!

Life is just not as simple as this axiom claims. If you are reading this, chances are you are a thinker, a seeker, and you are taking responsibility for your life, your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions and you have discernment.

The people I know that buy into this thinking ALSO claim to be very spiritual…. ugh!

Let’s all try to love and support ourselves, and those closest to us, as well as strangers struggling on the street.

Instant Calm


Feeling stressed lately?

You will love this new book “Instant Calm” – from my bestselling author friend Karen Salmansohn “Instant Calm” shares a range of relaxing 2 minute meditations – which are fun and simple to do. They are unusual “sensory” meditations – sometimes called “grounding tools.”

Each is based on focusing on one of your 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) in a one-pointed way. They’re recommended by psychiatrists, yogis and neuro-scientists.

They’re great for beginners to meditation – as well as advanced meditators – because there’s something for everyone.

Get a peek inside “Instant Calm” here.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Don’t Blame The Victim

A big part of having success with the Law of Attraction is understanding that “thoughts are things” and that our feelings, thoughts, beliefs help to co-create our reality. Other factors that also influence our lives include karma, divine timing, desire, destiny, free will and that omnipresent reality of “shit happens.”

When something really bad happens to someone – lets say a serious diagnoses, losing a job, a big car crash, and then a supposedly well-meaning “spiritual friend” asks them, “ what thoughts were you having that would cause this?”

Well, this scenario just makes me crazy.

We would never ask an abused toddler, “Hey kid, what thoughts did you have that created these beatings?”

So, unless someone is sitting around thinking, “Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if I manage to get stage 4 colon cancer so I can scare myself and my family and go on a multi-year journey to fight the cancer and maybe live?”

It’s highly unlikely any of us have consciously had that thought or any thought to choose a bad event. So, while it is true that we cause things with our thoughts, fears and beliefs, it is also true that there are other factors that are at work here.

We all benefit from being more aware and more mindful of our thoughts and as much as possible trying to keep our thoughts positive, but it’s also not useful to “blame the victim,” and kick them when their down, by suggesting they caused the problem.

We are not privy to their soul’s purpose and path. We don’t know what trials and tribulations they agreed to before incarnating in this lifetime, so let’s do what we signed up for: to be their friend, cheerleader, support system, safe place to land. Lets hug them with our arms and provide emotional safety for them.

I often tell my closest friends that I am always there for them when they need a place to rant and rave and vent. I can create a safe place for their expression and then bring them back into a loving frequency. (and they do the same for me)

Here’s to a kinder, gentler, more compassionate world of loving support for all.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


The Everything Book

When I first got married there were many days when I wished that Brian came with an Owner’s Manual! There seemed to be so many things I didn’t know about him and things he had told me but I had “forgotten,” and I knew if I had an owner’s manual, life together would be so much easier (and more fun!).

This is why I wrote The Everything Book: The Essential Details About The One You Love.

It’s a “fill in the blank” book to complete and share with your partner. It is designed to capture the essential details about the one you love. And, it’s a fun and playful way to communicate with your partner exactly what will make you happy!

Whether you’ve been together three months or thirty years (or more!), there is always more to learn about the one you love. Unless you have a photographic memory, it’s hard to remember all the facts, as well as the little details that make someone feel special.

Love, Attraction, & Gray Hair!

Gray hair getting you down?

Here’s some science based good news!

Whether you are dating or partnered, according to a joint study between psychologists from the University of St. Andrews and the University of Liverpool, a more mature appearance is exactly what some men find the most attractive. (“Mature” is code for gray hair in this instance.)

The study looked at how likely men (and women) are to be attracted to certain hair and eye color in their chosen partners, and they found that for men, the best indicator of preferences was the hair and eye color of their mothers. When nearly 700 volunteer participants (including 394 men) were asked about the hair and eye color of themselves, their parents, and their partners, they found that overwhelmingly, men were attracted to the same coloring that their mothers had.

The study found that “healthy” hair is more important than hair color unless you have an unnatural color in your hair, in which case it works against you.

I love this photo of my friends Alice and Stephen Josephs. Alice went gray in her forties and Stephen was just fine with that (his Mom was gray by her fifties.) From the first time I met Alice, I have envied her gorgeous gray hair and her loving and exuberant personality.Alice and Stephen Josephs

For more than twenty years, I have been coloring my hair every two weeks trying to stave off the fact that underneath, my hair is gray. Even though Brian has been encouraging me to go gray forever (his Mom was gray in her early forties), I have been resistant. No more. I have finally decided to go for it (and if I don’t like it, I can always revert back to hair coloring.)

As soon as I accomplish this transformation, I promise to post some photos of my new “mature” look. Fingers crossed!

FREE – Release Fear, Stress, Anxiety, Starts TODAY!

For the past 15 years I have been utilizing The Sedona Method release technique for everything from frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, to negative thinking, and even hypoglycemia symptoms. It’s super fast and very easy and I swear to you it really, really works!

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The Everything Book

When I first got married there were many days when I wished that Brian came with an Owner’s Manual! There seemed to be so many things I didn’t know about him and things he had told me but I had “forgotten,” and I knew if I had an owner’s manual, life together would be so much easier (and more fun!).

This is why I wrote The Everything Book: The Essential Details About The One You Love.

It’s a “fill in the blank” book to complete and share with your partner. It is designed to capture the essential details about the one you love. And, it’s a fun and playful way to communicate with your partner exactly what will make you happy!

Whether you’ve been together three months or thirty years (or more!), there is always more to learn about the one you love. Unless you have a photographic memory, it’s hard to remember all the facts, as well as the little details that make someone feel special.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


*To read more on the study cited above and discover ALL the things men find attractive in women click here!

Making Yourself Happy (or happier!)

Making Yourself Happy (or happier!)
Want the insider tips on what the happiest people in the world do to live long, healthy, and HAPPY lives?
Dan Buettner, an explorer, National Geographic Fellow, award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author has written The Blue Zones of Happiness
His book is based on happiness you can actually measure. The first kind of happiness is determined by asking people to rate their life satisfaction level on a scale of 1 to 10. The second kind of happiness is purpose, and it’s measured by people rating how engaged they are with their lives, and if they’re doing meaningful things every day. The third measurement is how much people enjoy their lives on a day -to-day or moment-to-moment basis. That’s determined by asking people to remember their last 24 hours and report how many times they felt joy, laughed, or smiled.

Where do the happiest people live? According to Buettner:

Singapore is the happiest country in Asia, and it epitomizes the kind of happiness that comes from life satisfaction. People there like a clear and easy path to success, and they don’t mind working hard. They prefer security over freedom, and they want to live out largely conservative values.

People experience life the best in Costa Rica. It’s green, there’s easy access to nature, and there’s a feeling of equality as everybody has their basic needs covered. They prioritize social interaction, and they will almost never work extra hours if it means they have to forego a good party. They also prioritize family — Sunday afternoons are spent with family and big long lunches. They are also religious, and research shows that religious/spiritual people are happier.

In Denmark, people live with more purpose than anywhere else. All their health care, social security, and education is covered. They have almost all their daily needs taken care of, so they don’t need to “keep up with the Joneses.” This pushes people into careers they love. The Danes work 37 hours a week, belong to clubs, and are able to pursue their passions and use their strengths.

Can Money Buy You Happiness? Yes and No.

Buettner says that millionaires are generally happier than people who make $30,000 a year. But earning $75,000 is about the cap. If you make more than that, then your day-to-day experience doesn’t get any better — you just have more stuff. This 75k marker is an average and is also on a sliding scale based on where you live.

Can you control your level of happiness? Dan says:

When we breakdown how much control we have over our own happiness:

  • 40 percent is dictated by genes
  • 15 percent is determined by luck (chronic illnesses like clinical depression and chronic pain will obviously take a toll on happiness)
  • 40-50 percent is determined by the individual

That means we have a lot of influence over our own happiness.

Things to do:

Your happiness will go up 15 percent if you make a new happy friend. Also, volunteer, even if you think you don’t have the time. People who find meaningful ways to give back are happier. Also, do your best to always sleep 7.5 hours a night. People who sleep 6 hours a night are 30 percent less happy than people who sleep more.

Learn more secrets of the world’s happiest people and places in The Blue Zones of Happiness.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,
p.s. Thanks to mindbodygreen.com for inspiring this blog.
When I first got married there were many days when I wished that Brian came with an Owner’s Manual! There seemed to be so many things I didn’t know about him and things he had told me but I had “forgotten,” and I knew if I had an owner’s manual, life together would be so much easier (and more fun!).

This is why I wrote The Everything Book: The Essential Details About The One You Love.

It’s a “fill in the blank” book to complete and share with your partner. It is designed to capture the essential details about the one you love. And, it’s a fun and playful way to communicate with your partner exactly what will make you happy!

The Everything Book is for you if:
  • You want a happier, more satisfying intimate relationship
  • You are committed to making your beloved’s dreams come true
  • You need an easy reference book on your partners history and dreams to their favorite everything from colors, sizes, gifts, bucket list items, etc.
  • You need ways to help your partner when they are struggling
Whether you’ve been together three months or thirty years (or more!), there is always more to learn about the one you love. Unless you have a photographic memory, it’s hard to remember all the facts, as well as the little details that make someone feel special.

Celebrate A Soulful 4th of July

Happy Summer! This is my favorite time of year…I love the
warm weather, the long days, and spectacular sunsets.

Not to mention the BBQ’s, juicy array of peaches,
plums, and golden
cherries to eat!

Are you ready to create some fun on the 4th of July?

If you don’t already have plans, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Create a pot-luck soiree at your home or at a local park where you can see fireworks.
  • Invite your favorite friends over for a movie marathon. I recently watched a Warren Beatty film from 30 years ago, Heaven Can Wait, totally fun & delightful.
  • Take a fun friend or niece to the mall and pick out great “hot-date” outfits for each other — try on things you would never normally reach for and see what happens!
  • Ladies, host a min-spa party where you do mani/pedi’s with outlandish colors.
  • Be adventurous and go to a singles meet-up – nearly every city has them. You can always take a friend with you.
  • If “fitness” is your thing and you want to find fun folks to go hiking, biking, weight-lifting, canoeing, kayaking, diving with and more, check out this site…they have lots of locations http://www.fitness-singles.com/

I want to encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and generate some opportunities to meet new people. Your soulmate could be just one new friend away!

And, most importantly, take a little time to have gratitude for all the FREEDOM you have in your life.


Ready for Summer LOVE?


Summer has just begun and if you don’t want to spend it alone, we can fast track you on your road to love!

Dr. Claire Zammit, founder of Feminine Power & bestselling author and I have developed a break-through approach that especially works for conscious, gifted women to attract an extraordinary partner and create happy, fulfilling and lasting love.

In our FREE 90 minute webinar we share:

    • How and why to make finding love a priority in your life
    • Why you need to give up magical thinking when it comes to love
    • Ways to let go of your old limited thinking stories about love.
    • How to achieve clarity on what your soul is most calling for
    • How to determine who you area most compatible with
    • The best way to determine your “must haves” and deal breakers
    • Ways to consciously and immediately lift your love frequency
    • How the Law of Attraction REALLY works to powerfully manifest a soulmate
    • The easy to learn super skills of dating and MORE!

Bestselling author Dr. John Gray has called Claire & Arielle the “go-to” experts in this field. They’ve created extraordinary marriages themselves and helped thousands of women do the same.

Conscious women rave about our approach:

“Thanks to Claire and Arielle not only have I found ‘a man,’ I found The Man.” —Diely

“I just got engaged! Your wisdom made a huge difference.” —Barbara

Now it’s your turn!

The Husband Super Store

I once heard a story called Shopping for the Perfect Husband. The tale is set in the “Perfect Husband” super store, a five-story building where women go to find their perfect match.

On each of the five floors there are men with various qualities. The main rule was that once you reached any given floor, you had to select a man from that floor. If you didn’t, you could go to the next floor, not knowing for sure what you would find. The trick was that you couldn’t return to a lower floor unless you planned to leave the store husband-less.

Marianne and Joan, lifelong best friends, set off to find Mr. Soulmate. On the first floor there was a small sign that read:

“These guys love children and have good jobs.”

Joan thought that was great, but she was also curious to see what was on the second floor.
Marianne followed her up the escalator where they found a somewhat larger sign that said:

“These guys are super handsome, love children and have great jobs.”

Marianne exclaimed with delight: “Wow! Exactly what I need. Let’s take a look around.”

But, Joan said, “No, let’s go up another level and see what’s there.” Marianne followed Joan with slight reluctance.

On the third floor, the two women were astonished to find another larger sign. This time it read:

“These guys are not only super handsome, love children and have great jobs, but they are also happy to help with housework!”

Marianne’s jaw dropped. Her excitement level grew, but she could see that Joan was even more curious to see what was possible on the fourth floor.

Up the escalator they went where they encountered a slightly larger sign that virtually screamed out at them:

“Our fourth floor husbands are super handsome, love children, have great jobs, enjoy helping with housework and are great in bed!”

They were on a roll now.

Nothing could stop them. Convinced that the fifth floor would offer even better husband options, Marianne and Joan confidently took the escalator to the final floor. There they found a tiny, torn sign that read:

“This floor offers proof that women are impossible to please.”

Sometimes, in our quest for perfection, we miss out on what will make us happy…..

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Snuggling for Long Lasting Love

For my podcast, BIG LOVE, I just interviewed Dr. Helen Fisher, one of the world’s leading researchers on love and the brain. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute and Chief Scientific advisor to Match.com, plus she has written six bestsellers on romantic love and sex.

Dr. Fisher uses MRI’s to actually see into the brains of couples and observe if they are still in love, or not, by the way the brain lights up.

One of the most fascinating things she discovered is that the state of “being in love” can actually last a lifetime and she has the science to prove it. (in the podcast, she explains how and why).

Staying in love requires some active practices including doing novel things together, planned sex (don’t wait to be spontaneous or in the mood), and one of my favorites, snuggling!

According to Dr. Fisher we should watch TV and movies together on a couch large enough for two so that we are embracing.

“When we’re touched by a romantic partner, we experience a surge in the hormone oxytocin, often called the “love hormone,” in the brain, which helps to sustain feelings of deep attachment. Walk arm in arm, hold hands, put your foot gently on top of the other person’s under the table, or learn to sleep in the other person’s arms, advises Dr. Fisher. “We’ve evolved all kinds of brain mechanisms to fall madly in love and stay in love,” she says, and touch is high among them.”

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Love Yourself Most

My amazing friend, Sheri Salata, is a deep, loving, soulful woman who had the career of her dreams for 21 years including titles as Executive Producer of the Oprah Show and co-CEO of OWN network. When she decided to move on and “produce” her own life she was one hundred pounds overweight, no man in site, and nearly 57 years old. Today her book, The Beautiful No, arrives in stores, and I’ve invited her to be a guest blogger on the topic of

What I Know About Love.

Let me cut to the chase.

I never really internalized the wisdom” you’ve gotta love yourself first and then”. I would nod my head in agreement, but it didn’t land in my bones.

It sounded right and I would pay it lip service but that was about it. And I think I was not alone. There are a whole bunch of us who, when being really honest, are puzzled by the concept. What does it mean to love ourselves first? What kind of love is it?

For decades and decades, I waited to be anointed by the love of my soulmate. His desire for me, his delight in the way I move through the world, his interest in the words I utter, his declaration of my physical beauty. The kind of devotion that would deem me lovable. And once I took my place on that lovable podium, I would find it a snap to “love myself”. I moved through the world and through failed attempts at soulmate love with those shadow beliefs driving my every move.

But not too long ago, I was flipping through Insta when I saw post that stopped me cold. It said “Love yourself first. Love yourself most.”

Love yourself MOST. What a powerful shift in perspective. If I decided that there would be no one else on earth EVER who would treasure and cherish me more than ME, the unrequited “search” would be over. I would have found not only the love of my life but the love of my dreams. The kind of love that walks beside me through everything. Then I could partner with my soulmate man and just love him, no strings attached. I would bring my worthiness, my overflowing love cup, my healed self, my whole self to a commingling of equals who share the love that they have created inside of them with each other. Who don’t need, require, or demand that the other be anything but who they are. Who don’t need, require, or demand that the other make them feel lovable.

That’s what I want now. It’s a far different love dream than the one I had when I was a young woman. It’s deeper, richer and truer. And in my grasp this very instant even when the partner of my dreams is on his energetic way and not right in front of me.

True love. The truest love.

Sheri’s book and message, “The Beautiful No,” is for all of us …single, partnered, or somewhere in between.       
Reading it is like having the juiciest lunch ever with a new, wise, dear friend!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Happy Money and LOVE

You may already know this…. the #1 source of conflict in marriages and the biggest cause of divorce is money.


According to my dear friend, Ken Honda, author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ken is a bestselling author (over 7 million books sold around the world!) who has spent years helping the people of Japan heal their relationships with money and become more abundant and peaceful.

Why is money such a big issue in relationships?

According to Ken it’s as if you & your beloved grew up in different countries when it comes to how to handle money.

Universally there is almost always a “spender” and a “saver” with every couple and that leads to making your partner bad and wrong because they do money differently than you do.

Fortunately, he has solutions to bring happiness and harmony to the family finances.

One of the fascinating things I have learned from Ken is that some money “smiles” while other money “cries!” There really is such a thing as Happy Money.

In his book he explains how to have a Happy Money mindset, how to cultivate a loving relationship with money, and why spending money on good food, art and luxury items will make you more abundant.

If you would like to have Happy Money, click here.

Wishing you love, laughter and Happy Money!