What’s Your WORD for 2021?

This year I don’t plan to make any resolutions.

If I learned anything from 2020 it’s that trying to make plans while in the center of a chaotic cyclone is a set up for disappointment and frustration.

Instead, I am going to make ONE WORD the focal point of my biggest desire for 2021 and that word is CONTENTMENT.

Striving for contentment isn’t a new thing with me, but it is something that I now want to master now.

There were many years when my focus was happiness, but I’ve learned that for me, happiness is not the ultimate goal because happiness is tied to other people, outside circumstances, and unforeseeable experiences.

For 2021 for my desire is to remain calm and centered in CONTENTMENT, in spite of the circumstances.

What will your word for 2021 be?

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


It’s My Birthday!!! (here’s my wish)

Today I am 68 years old.

It’s a reality.

It’s a number.

It’s also fun to have reached a stage in my life where I no longer care what anybody thinks about me and I can just totally be me.

I have gray hair, I weigh 144 pounds, I’ve shrunk down to 5’ 7” and my short-term memory is like Swiss cheese.

And I feel healthier and happier than I ever imagined possible, in spite of the fact that I also feel restricted from doing many of the things I most value, like hanging out with friends, dining out, and traveling.

I have learned to be happy in spite of the circumstances.

Today I have given myself permission to boldly ask for what I want for my birthday.

My wish is to raise $80,000 to launch a powerful program in India to help the 100 million teen girls there.

Through this proven program, they will discover how to avoid early marriage, stay in school, protect their bodies from all kinds of abuse, create the career of their dreams and so much more.

This program is called Girl Power Project and it’s something I have been supportive of for many years. It has a proven track record of success in 90 communities in Uganda and it was recently highlighted for its impact and efficacy in the Journal of Universality of Global Education Issues.

If you feel so inclined and have the means to do so, I will be most grateful for your support.

>> Donate Here <<

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Stepping Out of Darkness (and into the Light)

Yesterday was the shortest, darkest day of the year, in a year that for many people was filled with unfathomable darkness.

If your life was turned upside down, filled with fear, sadness and loneliness or worse, (I had bouts with all of this plus anger, frustration and confusion), I’ve decided to get out a shovel and transform the darkness into light.

One of my coping strategies was to live in two-hour windows. Since making long range plans was nearly impossible, I created a world where I could succeed in short doses every day. I didn’t have to figure out the future or live in the scary mindset of “what if” thinking all the time. The most planning I’ve done is scheduling zoom calls.

Strangely, this has worked well for me. I have had the most creative year of my life, completed my novel and started a new business… all in two-hour windows. (I even scheduled down time and naps this way)

What happened in 2020 was not my fault and it wasn’t your fault.

We have been in a collective, global shit storm, and if you’re reading this, congratulations, you survived!

Now, it’s time to thrive.

According to the astrological experts last night’s winter solstice saw Jupiter and Saturn form The Great Conjunction which kicks off a 20-year cultural reset and a new 200-year era.

We are now in a time of newfound optimism and one where we’ll be moving away from the materialistic and industrialized towards a more humanistic, technological, and inclusive focus.

This is the perfect time to plant seeds for an exciting future. Allow your self to dream, make vision boards, and use your imagination by asking your soul what it would most desire with the question “Wouldn’t it be lovely if_____?”

Since no one knows anything for sure (still), I’m choosing to live “as if.”

This means I am trusting that everything is gonna be OK.

I am going to live as if we’ve turned a corner on COVID and things are slowly and steadily improving.

I am going to live as if the political polarization in this country will lessen and unity will become a possibility.

I am going to live as if the “new normal” will be better than the old normal.

I am going to live as if 2021 will be a year of love, laughter, creativity, great health, and prosperity.

Let’s all support each other in becoming super optimistic and then collectively we can change the frequency from fear to love.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


P.S. Here’s a great video on The Great Conjunction by astrologer Pam Gregory that describes it in detail.

Watch it here!

Is Self-Love A Pre- Requisite Too Soulmate Love?

Self-Love is the hot topic in the personal growth movement these days and when it comes to finding soulmate love, there are a lot of myths that until you love yourself first, you won’t be able to get anyone else to love you. Can this really be true?

My experience has been that most women and some men (at least in the Northern hemisphere) live with a negative, critical voice in their heads that is often filled with ugly, shaming thoughts, self doubt, and brings with it feelings of never being “good enough.”

And, I began to wonder, do you really have to eliminate that persistent voice in order to find true love? Do we really need to be 100% in love with ourselves to experience Big Love?

I don’t think so.

What is required is to learn how to “talk back” to that voice and create strategies to love yourself more and better. This includes a big dose of self-awareness so that when the “voice surfaces” you kick its butt!

For instance, you walk past a mirror and immediately react by thinking “God, you look like a total piece of $#it today.” Immediately stop. Walk back to the mirror, give yourself a big smile and blow yourself a kiss and say something warm and loving to your reflection. This is called self-care and self-soothing. Over time, you can change your habitual negative thinking by in-putting loving and uplifting thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

And please, never forget that just because you have a thought does not make it true!

Now, as for soulmate love, one of the greatest, most awesome things about living your life with your soulmate is that you begin to heal each other in unimaginable ways. When you spend time with someone who loves all of you – the good, the bad and the ugly, you begin to love yourself even more.

So many are “waiting“ to actively seek their soulmate because they feel stuck in how they feel about themselves. This is a very selfish thing to do.

Why? Because just as you desire to spend your life with your soulmate, they are also seeking you. And, if you are holed up at home, on the couch, watching mindless reality TV, they can’t find you!

Now, while learning to love yourself a little bit, more and more, it’s also important to know that once you do manifest the love of your life, you teach them how to treat you by the way they witness how you treat yourself. I learned this from my husband Brian. Once we got married and began living together, I noticed how he always prioritized his health and wellbeing.

At first, I made up stories about how selfish he was because he wasn’t always flexible about the time he took to mediate and exercise. When I finally asked him about it his response floored me. He explained that by sticking to his personal care schedule, he was able to fill himself up so that the rest of the day he had more love and more energy to give to me, and the rest of the world.

Wow. What an insight that was for me. I soon began to follow in his footsteps.

Self-love is important and please know that if your soul is calling for a soulmate, the voice in your head shouldn’t be a barrier to love.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

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How To Create A 2021 You Will Love

In 1980 John Lennon released a song on the Double Fantasy album that included these lyrics: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Sigh. So true.

Today is the first day of the last month of 2020…easily the craziest year any of us have ever experienced. And all the big plans we may have had for 2020 were blown up by Covid-19, a failing economy, and you know the rest….

So, how does one plan for 2021, when the only thing we know for sure is that no one seems to know anything for sure?

For me, I am going back to the basics of true Manifestation.

I am focusing on how I MOST want to feel every day, not on how I want the circumstances to appear.

My deepest desire is to wake up each day, happy and excited to be alive, knowing and trusting that who I am is more than enough, and that all I need to pray for is to ask the Universe these questions from A Course In Miracles:

  • On this day, where would you have me go?
  • What would you have me do?
  • What would you have me say and to whom?

With this prayer, all I will need to do is follow the signs, the impulses, and the clues of what the next right thing to do is.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Love, Gratitude and Humor

This will be a most unusual Thanksgiving for many families, no need to explain why.
I am grateful for the local restaurant I am ordering a few complete Turkey feasts from (including a slice of Pumpkin Pie) and I will miss the fun and festivities of being with family.
I will be sending all of them a big dose of love via this eight-minute Feelingization™ video that will take you from your head to your heart and fill you with a delicious experience of love.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,
“Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.”

Time For More Pleasure Now!!

Are you having ENOUGH pleasure in your life right now in the midst of all the craziness?

Are you willing to have MORE PLEASURE NOW?

Right now, is the perfect time to UP your pleasure puppy game, build your oxytocin levels which in turn will reduce your stress and free you up to have more fun.

Here’s what I am committing to doing to fill up my oxytocin tanks:

  • Listen and watch amazing music videos on YouTube (The Prayer with Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion is a fave)
  • Take longer aromatherapy baths at night by candlelight
  • Take extra-long beach walks and REALLY smell the roses
  • Continue binge watching Queens Gambit on Netflix! (I’m up to episode 4!)
  • Eat as many meals outdoors as possible
  • Only wear brightly colored clothes
  • Perfect my “do less accomplish more” magical manifesting!!
  • Get more foot rubs and hugs.
  • Read a new murder mystery!

What will you do to have more pleasure and fun?

To learn more watch this short, 4 minute video:

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Knowing When To Shut Up

Lately I’ve been craving silence.

Silence in my surroundings and silence in my own internal world.

The craziness of the world between politics and Covid and everything else, has generated so much noise, especially the noise of my opinions and everyone else’s.

The other day I saw these words on Instagram (@buddha.says) that blew me away:

“Open Your Mouth Only If What You Are Going To
Say Is More Beautiful Than Silence.”

As much as I love hearing myself talk and deliver my opinions on just about everything, I am now ready to talk a whole lot less and seek more silence. And, I will do my best to remember to make the words I do speak more loving, more kind, and more beautiful.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


Five Ways to Make Your Home Shelter-in-Place Friendly

How long have we been stuck at home now? Has it really been months? Ask your home how it feels from your climbing its proverbial walls, and it may well be ready for a refresh too.

Recently I’ve gotten serious about “refreshing” our house, from having the carpets cleaned to replacing some furniture, filling boxes with books to give away and clearing clutter.

Surprisingly, one of the things that made a huge difference was buying a new doormat for the front door! For the past fifteen years, I’ve walked across an old, ugly, cat hair covered door mat. Now I have a beautiful, dark red mat that makes me smile.

Who knew such a simple change could bring so much joy?

This happened after a quick consult with my friend, Stephanie Bennett Vogt, MA, who just happens to be a leading space clearing expert, and the author of four books including YOUR SPACIOUS SELF and A YEAR TO CLEAR.

I’ve asked Stephanie to share with us her best five “one minute” tips on how to make sheltering at home more beautiful and more friendly. Enjoy!

It is striking how quickly the place we count on to escape from the world has suddenly become the world we can’t escape from. Our homes have morphed into workplace, schoolhouse, IT department, food court … and, dare I say, repository for all of our unprocessed stress and stuff.

How can we possibly find our center, recharge ourselves, and make our home feel spacious with all this chaos?

It may feel like an impossible task to bring our homes and lives back into balance when everything around us feels like an unsettled mess. But it doesn’t have to be. As long as we’re willing to slow down, stay fully present, and be compassionate with ourselves, there is a way, not just now during the pandemic, but even after it’s over.

Below is a list of favorite one-minute practices to help you do that: shift the energy at home and find your center again. For them to work their magic, however, you need to supply two things: consistency and awareness. Consistency here means daily practice. Awareness means giving all your attention to the task, as it is happening in real time, and being the compassionate observer of the experience.

As you cycle through the list, notice what these practices stir in you. Do you find yourself spacing out, growing impatient, feeling antsy or bored, for example? Conversely, do they energize and excite you? Are you aware of subtle shifts and new insights? Can you imagine practicing them with no agenda, conditions, or attachment to the outcome? This is what it means to practice with awareness.

Give yourself at least one minute to play with these. Start at the top of the list and practice one item a day for five days. Or better yet, for an even deeper 25-day practice, choose one and repeat it for a period of five days and then switch.

And PS, if these practices seem “way too simple,” you’re right. They are designed that way on purpose to bypass fight-or-flight triggers in the brain that cause overwhelm. They are also designed to jiggle loose some invisible clutter – stuck patterns, resisting habits, unprocessed pain – so you can name it, feel it, and let it go once and for all.

  • Wash: In the spirit of this Japanese saying, “Let the past drift away in the water,” take a minute to wash your hands mindfully and intentionally. Release the stringy attachments of your day. Take your time washing the dishes. Smell the soap, feel the cleansing warmth of the water on your hands. Turn your daily shower into a soothing ritual of slowing down.
  • Put away: Take sixty seconds to put away one thing, sort one pile, or round up one area. Push chairs in, turn off lights, make the bed, cap the toothpaste, put the toilet seat down, fold laundry. Make it into a game with your kids at the end of the day: see how many things you can put away in one minute.
  • Clear: Declutter a purse, a wallet, a drawer. Toss lifeless food from the freezer or refrigerator. Recycle junk mail or store catalogues. Delete emails, digital photos, and files. Replace a lightbulb. Make a list of things or issues that weigh you down and burn it – with gratitude. Be creative. Notice what happens to your breathing as you move energy in this way.
  • Sweep: Get yourself a nice broom and sweep the floor or the front steps to bring new energy into your home and life. Clear window frames, curtains, light fixtures, and cobwebs that are hard to reach. Sweep your way to a solution, a fresh start, a quiet mind.
  • Do Nothing: The moment you notice yourself tightening up or feeling a pang of guilt, anger, embarrassment, or resistance, use your one minute today to consciously do nothing about it. Yes, that means no fixing, no changing, no improving… no nothing. Be the witness of the story instead of the story.

As you master the art of clearing in this spacious way, you may discover that it isn’t about the task at all. It’s how you relate to the task that changes the game. It’s about waking up, softening resistance, and releasing stuck energy. The cluttered closet, painful relationship, grinding pandemic – or whatever it is that is causing stress – is simply a vehicle for personal transformation and lasting change. In the end, where we live is our best teacher. It shows us the way home.

To benefit from more of Stephanie’s wisdom please visit her website: www.spaceclear.com.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


7 Steps to have MORE LOVE in your life

Love is quite simply the most precious possession in existence. And my mission is to share the best insights I know to bring more love into each of your lives.

Today I want to share the most powerful way to create MORE LOVE in your life NOW.

These beautiful insights come from my dear friend Ken Page’s life-changing book Deeper Dating: The Powerful Path To Authentic Love.

If you want more love in your life, try this life-changing exercise from Ken:

Think about all the people you know, from your nearest and dearest to people you may not have thought about for years. And just ask yourself these three questions:

  • Who truly loves me?
  • Who sees and treasures me for who I really am?
  • Whom do I trust to have my best interests at heart?

Each of the people you picked is gold. They are your personal dream-team in life.

The very wisest path to love is to nurture these relationships–by doing three things:

Practice giving more to each one of these precious people.

Practice asking for more from each of them as well (yes, it’s true, asking for more is an act of intimacy!)

And most of all: enjoy them. This last suggestion is perhaps the greatest act of life wisdom that I know.

Follow these steps and watch love blossom in your life.

In Deeper Dating: The Powerful Path To Authentic Love, Ken teaches
“micro-meditations;” small practices that take less than three minutes but have the power to enrich your entire intimacy journey.

This micro-meditation can be your foundation for a love-filled life.

Micro-Meditation: The Love that’s Already Yours

Pick the person who stood out for you most as you reflected on your relationships. Now try the following:
Think about what you love most about this person.

Think about the quality of this person’s love for you.

Remember one time that you deeply felt the bond between the two of you.

Hold this person to your heart for a moment and say “Thank you.”

And now, just let your love quietly ripple through you.

Practice this micro-meditation as many times as you wish, and just watch as your reservoir of love deepens and widens, day after day.

And I promise you, it will. Your heart will become warmer, your life will become richer, and you’ll start meeting new people who also love you for who you are.

Deeper Dating: The Powerful Path To Authentic Love is a life-changing course, written for single people but deeply relevant to absolutely everyone who wants more love in his or her life.

Order it here!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,