LOVE Recycling- Part 2

Dear Soulmate Manifesters,

I love going to weddings and this past weekend we had an amazing time at the wedding of our dear friends Kim & Nova. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect – Napa in the Spring – flowers in full bloom, warm breezes, and love so palpable you could feel it everywhere and in everyone. The bride was stunning and beautiful and deliriously happy, an even though her wedding day was probably 15 years later than she expected, her groom was worth the wait.

Theirs is a modern-day love story.

The groom mentioned to his friend, Jimmy, that he was ready to meet a great woman. Jimmy, in a flash of genius, knew the perfect woman for him, Kim.

And, thus a love-match was made.

As I heard the story of how they met, I was reminded of a party I once went to when I lived in Los Angeles. My friend Rita asked her single friends (both men & women) to come to a Sunday brunch and to bring two things – something delicious to eat and a former boyfriend or girlfriend. The idea was to bring some one really wonderful, someone that we were still friends with but, for whatever reason, were no longer dating. Rita’s idea was till fill her home with pre-screened (you might even say test-driven) great singles and let them all get together to mingle.

I remember being in the house and the place was just buzzing with excitement. It was easy to talk to everyone because we all had a story to share about who we had brought to the party and why. What I enjoyed best was that I felt really comfortable. Surrounded by friends, old and new, we all wanted to the same thing – to connect and meet someone but without any awkward pressure.

Last week we began this conversation about sharing the great guys & gals we meet with our friends…here’s a way to take it one step further – create a gathering like Rita did. You never know who is going to walk through the door.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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