Love Recycling

Dear Soulmate Manifesters,

Synchronicity is a wonderous thing and I love to pay attention to the seemingly random yet connected things that happen in my life.

One day, many years ago, my friend Cathy called to tell me about a man, Joe, she wanted to fix me up with on a blind date. Cathy shared that Joe was tall, handsome, successful, lots of fun, spiritual and, oh, by the way, she had been dating him for the past month.


Hold on sister. Why are you trying to fix me up with this great guy if you’re dating him?

Cathy explained that Joe was a fabulous guy but he just wasn’t right for her and she thought that someone in her circle should benefit from meeting him and she chose me. I thought it was pretty strange but agreed to meet him.

Joe and I went to a very chic restaurant for dinner. He was everything Cathy had said and more plus he spent most of the evening massaging my feet. (I have a weakness for great foot rubs)

By the end of the evening all I could think of was: wow, great guy but not for me. Who can I fix him up with? It turned out I really wasn’t a perfect match for him so we decided to become pals.

A few weeks later my friend Holly asked me if I new any great guys I could fix her up with…I thought about it for a few seconds and said, “Yes, you’ve just got to meet Joe!”

So, Holly & Joe went to lunch. And they became…….really great friends.

And yet, again no love match for Joe. But…just a few months later, Joe introduced Holly to his best friend, Jack, who Holly instantly fell in love with and later married.

We never know when or where we will meet our soulmate but when we approach every new person as a possible “friend” unimaginable possibilities could unfold.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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