Do you give up too easily?

Dear Soulmate Manifesters,

We live in a society of instant gratification and many of us have lost the fine art of getting to know someone. While it’s true that sometimes when soulmates meet, sparks fly and it’s completely obvious to both parties that the ONE has been found, more often than not this isn’t what happens.

I’ve spoken to many, now happily married couples, who once had an idea or fantasy in their head that their beloved would have dark brown hair, or light blond hair or some other physical feature. And then, they met a redhead and felt certain he or she could not be the ONE. Fortunately, they were smart enough to become friends with this wrong-colored-hair person and eventually they fell in love and discovered that their soulmate had been right in front of them all along.

Rather than judging someone by their physical features, or questioning whether or not there is “instant chemistry” (which I believe, for certain people with emotional baggage, can be a sign that you have found someone who fits your past negative patterns not your future), it’s important to seriously examine how you “feel” when you are dating someone. Do you feel heard? Seen? Understood? Is there an ease to your communication? One of the reasons why a Soulmate Wish List is so useful is that it’s there remind you about the traits and qualities that are MOST important to you.

While you are in your manifestation process it’s possible that you will meet potential mates that initially “seem” like they have great potential, only to discover they are not the ONE. This is a good thing. Don’t give up. It just means that you are that much closer than you were before. And, when you meet someone new give them a chance…don’t give up so easily.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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