LOVE NOW, one banana at a time

My dear friend, Kute Blackson, sent out a newsletter the other day that touched me deeply and he has given me permission to share this story with you.

Kute’s teaching is all about expressing your deepest love RIGHT NOW.  Several times each year he takes one client to India for what he calls a Liberation Experience. Once they arrive India, Kute takes away his clients passport and money, leaving them with a backpack and one change of clothes. They then spend the next 14 days with him, 24/7, for a non-stop transformational journey/process designed to strip away all the layers that are in the way of their full self expression.

On one of these journeys, Kute and his client were sitting at a train station in some remote part of India. It was filled with the handicapped, beggars, and homeless children. In a state of disbelief his client said “Kute, this is so overwhelming to see all this suffering. What can one do to help. I guess when I have billions in resources then I can really help and make a difference”.

“You don’t need to wait. Neither do you need to save the entire world.  All you need to do is to do the little that you can, with what you have”. Kute replied.

Later that day Kute proceeded to take him out to the bridge over looking the train station, where a small group of homeless families lived, sprawled across the pavement. It was a heart shocking sight. He carried a bag filled with large bunches of bananas. As they walked up to the bridge Kute told his client that he was to go up to each man, woman and child on the bridge, and give them 2 bananas each. That he was to do this with as much love and compassion in his heart that he could muster. That each banana was to represent a part of his love.

Within seconds the client was swarmed by a dozen or so children looking at him with a deep hunger of hope in their eyes, asking him for bananas. One by one he gave them all bananas. When they had passed out the last banana, Kute took his client to the opposite side of the road and they sat on the pavement and watched the homeless folk as they ate their bananas.

The sight was truly amazing. The children were jumping for joy. Singing, shouting and dancing, as they ate the bananas. It was as though they had won the lottery! Tears began to stream down the clients face and he began to sob uncontrollably, as he witnessed the profound impact his simple gift had on these people, even if only for a brief moment. The impact of one banana on a child. The impact of one banana to give hope, and bring joy. It may have only been only one banana and yet it was powerful to see how it impacted each of these people. The client sobbed, as he imagined the impact he could have with the resources already in his life to make a difference.

Each of you has the gift of your love to share with the world.  As you go through your personal process of manifesting a soulmate, don’t forget to share your love each day with everyone you come in contact with.  Do as Kute says, LOVE NOW.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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