Are you the “ONE” he is looking for?

My friend Brian Burt, 41, is seriously working on manifesting his soulmate and he is inviting all of us to help him reach “the One.” Brian recently posted his very detailed open letter (see below) on Face Book. Not only do I applaud Brian’s creativity and vulnerability, I am thinking that maybe someone reading this newsletter will recognize that she just might be his soulmate. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Brian’s Partner Manifestation Letter

Dear World,

I’m writing with all the clarity and passion I can to bring about the relationship I desire and am making space for.

This is part of my growth in openness, in revealing who I am. It’s also rooted in the belief that declared clarity can be an important step towards living one’s deepest purpose.

At present, I am a man with a tremendous community, a rich life, and a history of loving and supportive intimate relationships– with many learning opportunities amongst. In the past year, I’m noticing some major shifts in my relationship with solitude (much more peaceful), in my dance with uncomfortable emotions, and in the clarity I feel about relationship.

Indeed, I am totally clear about the relationship I am making space for, and am ready for.

Looking forward, and to that purpose, I am declaring my vision:

* I am in a relationship with a woman who exudes calm, happiness and depth. She is clear in her yes’s and her no’s, communicating her truth with firmness and ease. Her body energy is particularly “chill” and she smiles easily.

[Friends: this first one may be worth re-reading, as it is the one that makes the clearest distinction compared to some characteristics below which describe the shared “social cloth” that my friends and I are (mostly) part of. Likewise, it’s more uniquely personal than some of the less-surprising items below (who doesn’t want a great sex life?) -B]

* We are each spiritual “seekers”, who value community, personal growth, and giving of ourselves for a better world. We get along well with academics, with ravers, with far-out hippies and buttoned-up corporate types. (I have lifelong aspects of each and have good friends who are wholly in each of those camps.)

*We each see life as something to be created, and an adventure to be lived, and a gift to be given and received. We value health, and nurture our bodies and souls with exercise, sleep, nutritious food, and a healthy sex life.

* We value experiences more than material possessions. We are responsible with money and our use of money reflects our deeper values. We can live simply, even when we have the means to have luxury. And, at times we choose luxury, with joy and gratitude.

* We will raise children together. We will continue to enjoy our community and our individual interests while doing so. I provide materially for the family, and she contributes as well.

* We are both known for brilliant minds and compassionate hearts, and as nuanced communicators. We enjoy cuddling, yoga, reading or engaging (with little or no TV), and love to dance and enjoy the arts. We laugh together frequently. We find ways to play. We enjoy the outdoors.

* We are mutually supportive of each other’s life goals. I have a very successful business, and appreciate a grounded nurturing energy at home. I envision she’ll be up to something she cares about with her work as well.

* We began dating in the East Bay, although she may have lived in SF, Marin, or otherwise nearby. If we leave the bay area, it will be for fantastic adventures, or perhaps someplace with community and more nature.

* She might be short or tall, thin or curvy, or of any hair or eye color. While it feels vulnerable to say so, I’m certain she’s very beautiful, and appears as young or younger than I do (or at least, as I flatter myself that I do 🙂 I’m a “face man” and especially dig puffy, sensual lips, and smooth skin. I’m imagining (but not certain) that she was born between 1970 and 1982. (I in ’67.)

* She is open, sensual, and open to exploration in bed (or out of bed :-). We have an electric, soul-quenching sex-life. Our chemistries are complimentary (I’d say I’m a medium-core dominant, exploratory, and relatively non-jealous).

* We identify neither as polyamorous, nor as a ideologically-monogomous. It is about what works and what’s a Yes rather than building in “No”s. The relationship comes first. I envision that particularly deep romantic/sexual bonds would only happen within our relationship.

* We love to sit around a meal table with a group of friends. We travel, we go to Harbin, we camp, we fall in love, we dance, we raise a family, and we die with a legacy of love.

Universe, hear me. I am happy, and grateful, and full, and rich in many ways, and I also have space for this. I am creating space for this. I can feel this relationship in my bones.

And you, my dear, if you are reading this, come hither. I promise to be present and courageous and passionate and truthful, always.

And you, who is simply curious about me, say hi, and let’s start with tea.

And you, friends, if you have someone in mind, I welcome a call, or an email introduction.

Thanks for reading,


Do you think you might be a match for Brian? Email him at

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