LOVE: It Shouldn’t Be This Hard!

Have you ever wondered why we humans seek a soulmate?

What is it about us that craves this deep connection to another?

Are we genetically designed to be mated?

One fascinating and possible answer comes from Aristophanes, a philosopher of ancient Athens. He offers a wild tale, that he shared at Plato’s Symposium, about how the deep desire for Oneness came about.

Long, long ago in primal times people had doubled bodies, four arms, four legs, two heads and they were big and round…. These roly-poly creatures wheeled around earth like clowns doing cartwheels & were very powerful.

There were three sexes: the all male, the all female, and the “androgynous,” who were half male, half female.

The males were said to have descended from the sun, the females from the earth and the androgynous couples from the moon.

The creatures tried to scale the heights of heaven and planned to set upon the gods. Zeus thought about blasting them to death with thunderbolts, but did not want to deprive himself of their devotions and offerings, so he decided to cripple them instead by chopping them in half with his sword, thus, in effect separating the two bodies. . The severed halves were then scattered in opposite directions…

Aristophanes claimed that when two people who were torn apart from each other find each other, they never again want to be separated again from their soulmate.

When a half finally does meets its other half, they become deliriously happy and overjoyed with the promise of new love and delight. They believe that they are complete now that they are reunited with their other half, thus obtaining “wholeness.”

When Jean Houston first shared this story with me, I felt the “rightnesss” of it.

Of course we are meant to share our lives with someone!

If you feel that way too, and you are ready to discover some new ways to be pro-active to making it happen, please join me for a free online seminar.  In this no-charge event, I will give you easy, powerful tools to get started immediately to manifesting the love of your life.

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Here’s what recent participants are saying:

“I finally waved goodbye to the old, and committed to being proactive. It only took two months of dating to meet the ‘one.’ He proposed on Valentine’s Day and we are now engaged!” – Kris, Sydney, Australia

“I can’t say enough just how grateful I am and what a difference this has made in my life!” Maria, Kenya

In the online seminar, you’ll discover . . .

  • How to attract the kind of person who will actually be the right partner for you
  • How to clear out the obstacles, such as the memory of past lovers and heartache, that are energetically keeping away any possibility of a soulmate
  • How to experience the love and connection you crave even before you meet your soulmate, which will attract that right person to you almost magically
  • How to forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made in the past, and open your heart to the kind of relationship you really need and will make you happy for the long-term

The event is taking place on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 at 5:00pm Pacific, and when you register, even if you can’t listen live, I will be happy to send you the recording afterwards.

My simple, step-by-step strategies will help you to manifest your soulmate and experience life-long love!

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My experience has been that too many of us have bought into the story that finding love has to be hard.  If you are willing to have a shift in perception about this, then please join me for this no-cost call…. you deserve to have Big Love in your life.

(And, it doesn’t have to be hard.)

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


p.s.  The photo is of Deepak Chopra and I discussing Spiritual Solutions for Relationships at The Chopra Center last weekend.

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