How To Be The LeBron of LOVE


This morning Brian and I were talking about NBA superstar, LeBron James, and what it took for him to achieve greatness…all the dedicated hours of practice, energy, focus, and most importantly, desire.

I realized that many of the same things apply to manifesting a soulmate, without as much sweat!

Are you ready to get onto the Court of Love and finally win?

Let’s begin with DESIRE.

Ask yourself this question: Why do I desire a soulmate?

Really get in touch with how you most want to feel with him or her.

Loved? Cherished? Adored? Supported?

Blissed out in a partnership with someone who really “gets” you and loves you warts and all?

Take a little time each day to really feel what it feels like to experience this level of love (and use your imagination!).

For those of you who are really BUSY, it’s important to accept that finding love requires you to invest some time. This includes times to do the manifestation steps, the feelingizations, etc. And, this also includes making time to date and going on dates.

So often I hear: “I’ll make time to date when I meet someone.”


That isn’t going to work.

You need to start scheduling time into your calendar now. Nature abhors a vacuum. Create the time in your calendar today to be filled up by dates.

Manifesting love also has a monetary cost involved, an investment. Whether it’s for joining online dating sites, updating your wardrobe, therapy or coaching, create a budget and be prepared to INVEST in your love life.

Last week I watched a TV interview with a 70+ woman who invested $2,000 with a matchmaker, and is now happily married to her new soulmate. The host asked her: “That’s a lot of money…was it worth it?”

“Of course,” she said while glowing and kissing her new guy!

If you spend a lot of time thinking, hoping, wishing, fantasizing about life with a soulmate and you aren’t making a lot of progress, I invite you to join me for my upcoming Soulmate Secret 7 Week Online Course. This is the only time this year this course will be offered. I will take you by the hand, and walk you through the steps in an easy and fun process.

This course goes way beyond my book and includes new processes, new feelingizations, and much more. Plus you will be part of a community of other dedicated love seekers that will support you in your process.

If you are serious about fulfilling your heart’s desire for love and youare willing to make the investment of time, money and energy, sign up NOW for the free teleseminar that happens on August 14th!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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