Manifesting A Man who LOVES Women

When creating your soulmate wish list of the heart traits and qualities you most want your beloved to possess, one item to keep in mind is this:

A man, who knows how to love a woman.

My experience has been that men, who have a great relationship with their own mother, tend to have skills in this area.

Be sure to think this part through as you continue to manifest the soulmate of your dreams.

Seventeen years ago, when I wrote up my soulmate wish list, this was a key item for me and I even added that my future mother-in-law would be someone that I would enjoy as a friend and family member.

When it comes to mother-in-laws’, I hit the jackpot.

Peggy XmasPeggy Hilliard is a dream come true.

From the moment we met she welcomed me into her family. As I was getting to know Brian, and soon his two older brothers, it was clear that she had reared them to love and respect women….she raised three gentlemen.

A deeply loving, caring and super friendly woman, Peggy is someone you just want to spend time with.

Curious, open and thoughtful, Peggy is a true giver. She loves people and people love her. When you spend time with Peggy you are filled up with her love, warmth and laughter.

As many of you know, Peggy manifested her second soulmate at the age of 80 and spent several years with John before he passed away a few years ago. Now at 88, Peggy, unfortunately has cancer and will soon be making her transition to the other side…where I am certain she will be reunited with both of her soulmates and her many, many friends and family.

True to her Buddha-like nature, she is grateful for her long, happy and fulfilled life. It’s so hard to imagine that I won’t be able to simply pick up the phone and have one of our nice long chats with her.

She will be greatly missed by all of us.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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