How The Experts Calm Themselves Down

One of my favorite saying is this: “if you don’t want to burn out, stop living like you are on fire!”

My fantasy is that I “glide through life,” and yet my reality is more like, OMG! Holy Shit! and I race around like the world will end if I don’t finish my To-Do list. Of course this creates tons of stress, anxiety, crazy fears that something bad is gonna happen, etc.
As I mentioned last week, my go to solution is EFT Tapping and I decided to ask my friends what they do to bring themselves back to neutral, sanity, or whatever happy place they want to be.
See if any of these solutions work for you!
Ken Druck
First I recognize that I am in a state of “this moment really sucks.” By acknowledging that and realizing that I am defenseless against my own fear, sorrow, or anger, I surrender and listen to what the emotions are trying to say to me. When I listen with the ear of self compassion I see it’s my internal radar trying to give me something of value and then it gives me a solution, whether it’s mindfulness, exercising, listening to music, talking to a trusted confidant, etc.
JJ Virgin
My go to for when I am feeling stressed, anxious and unhappy is to frame my day with what I call my GAM – gratitude, appreciation and miracles.
I write down three things I am grateful for in my morning journal, let someone know what I appreciate about them during the day and end the day with a little miracle that happened the day.
Dr. Anna Cabeca
Mine is to smile and think of my “Cheer Word,” i.e. a word that makes me smile. It may be SMILE, or JIGGLE and then allow myself to feel joy in the moment as much as possible.
Peggy McColl
I stop myself and ask myself this question: What would you love? And then I think about the answer to that question and I follow up with: What does that feel like? and then I go straight to feeling it.
Allison Maslan
I journal and ask myself: What is really going on underneath my fearfulness or worry. Is this fear based in reality or from my past experiences? In most cases, it is from the past and I am being triggered.
Then I make myself focus on a project. In the past, I used to allow my worries to paralyze me and I would not be able to focus on anything. By focusing on a project, I feel good that I am not allowing my fear to hold me back. After awhile, I have often forgotten what was worried about.
Lisa Garr
I get on my bike or go on a walk or run and within 17 minutes, I talk to God, Wayne Dyer, and whoever else is listening.  My thoughts completely transform into compassionate, solution-oriented, motivated thoughts.
Marci Shimoff
I do the Inner-Ease™ Technique from Heartmath. Here is an abbreviated version:
1. Acknowledge your feelings.
2. Do Heart-Focused Breathing by imaging you are breathing in and out through your heart.
3. Then with each breath imagine that you are drawing in a feeling of inner-ease.
4. When the stressful feelings have calmed, affirm with a heartfelt commitment that you want to anchor and maintain the state of ease throughout your day.
Elle Russ
I listen to an applicable affirmation recording by Justin Perry of the You Are Creators channel on YouTube, he has so many and I love his soothing voice.
Jonathon Aslay
I write out exactly what I’m feeling and then do a search on those words for a YouTube Abraham Hicks video and watch that. Often whichever video pops up is usually exactly what I need to hear.
Heidi Hanna
Essential oils, such as lavender to calm or ylang ylang for creativity and it
instantly connects me to the present moment. I do this in the morning while doing breathing meditations so that they become like an energy anchor for the state I want to shift to.
The Truth About Being a Coach


“Hype or Happiness” (you decide)
We’ve all heard the stories about being a life coach. Some are amazing and some… not so much. The first thing that you have to understand is that coaching isn’t for everyone.
Yes, most people, with the right kind of training can become a successful coach… but there’s a lot more to it than just picking up the phone, giving some advice and then collecting a check.
Now don’t get me wrong. I personally believe that being a coach can be one of the most rewarding professions, personally and financially.
Not only do you get to help others achieve their goals, but you will also find yourself achieving your goals much easier. If you like to help others and want to learn more about being a coach, I suggest you go here and watch this free video and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.
Wow! What A Book!

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Now with over 150 million subscribers, Netflix’s triumph feels inevitable, but the twenty first century’s most disruptive startup began with few believers.
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