How MUCH do you CRAVE That Desire?

I’m not very compliant when it comes to things I SHOULD do.

Things like taking ALL of my vitamins everyday.

Or, cutting back on carbs to reduce the chances of full-fledged diabetes and dementia (not to mention belly fat) or sleeping with my night-guard to stop grinding my teeth and getting middle of the night headaches.

Just “knowing” these things are good for me have never been enough of a reason to do them.

A part of me screams, “I don’t want to” and “you can’t make me.”

BUT……eventually, I get a good enough reason to become compliant.

I now take my vitamins (in spite of hating to swallow so many pills) because my new story is that “I do it for Brian” so he can have a healthy wife on the planet.

I am 80% compliant about carbs because one doctor showed me that I have 2 of the 4 the DNA markers for Alzheimer’s and eating low carb can prevent this.

I’m am now sleeping with my night-guard because another doctor explained that my minor sleep apnea could cause me to have a stroke or heart attack and wearing the night-guard will get more oxygen into my system to help prevent that.

So why am I so stubborn? I don’t know…. well, maybe it is because I am a tiny bit lazy.

I began thinking about all the ways we say we want one thing (in my case it’s a good, healthy, long life) and yet on the other hand, we don’t do all that we can to fulfill our desires.

So my message today is this:

If you can figure out one really, great, motivating reason to go for your dreams, then Just Do It!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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