Are You Being Emotionally “Tanked?”

Have you ever walked into a room and before you heard any words you could feel the anger/tension in the air? We all have the ability, like radios and cell phones, to receive unseen vibrations and signals from the world around us. Those of us who are particularly sensitive not only absorb these energies, but you may also need to consciously clear them.

What you probably don’t know is that not every “feeling” you are experiencing is yours.

For instance, if your significant other is angry/sad/whatever (but is in denial or unaware of their feelings) and perhaps they are suppressing their feelings, you might be the one who ends up getting triggered and expressing these feelings for them.

It’s something known as emotional tanking.

Sometimes when I am experiencing an emotion that I can’t figure out the source of, if I look to see whom I have been around, I realize that I have taken on someone else’s feelings.

Another explanation is that we are now living in a world with a good percentage of people are upset, anxious, fearful, or depressed and as we move through the world we are “slimed” by these energies that are not our own.

If you accept the quantum science belief that we all co-exist in the “unified field” and that we are connected to everything and everybody, this makes a lot of sense.

I have found that for me the fastest way to release this energy is to cut cords.

Cords are invisible energetic strands of energy that connect us to other people. (Especially the ones we are intimate with).

How to Cut Cords:

Simply imagine that this person is standing in front of you.

Place one hand, cupped palm down, near the top of where their head would be and place the other hand, cupped up, as low as you can, then scoop up the cords, grasp them in one hand and then using your other hand, make a karate chop three times to sever the cords. Then clap your hands three times to disperse the energy.

If you’re still struggling with getting an “ex” out of your life, be sure to do this process. You might notice that after you cut cords with them, they call you or show up. This doesn’t mean you are supposed to take them back, it just means they felt the energetic release and they want to continue to be an emotional vampire. You can cut cords as often as necessary.

I have been using this technique for many years and find it very effective.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses.


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