Deepak Chopra and A Mind-blowing Experience

More than fifteen years ago, Brian and I traveled through South India with Deepak Chopra and a dozen friends.

One of the highlights of our journey was to experience a “palm leaf reading” also known as a Nadi reading, where a priest and an interpreter found our life history written in ancient Tamil, on a palm leaf.

These forecasts were created thousands of years ago by a Sage and include everything from your name, your life history with extraordinary details, your past life info that impacts your karma in this life (for instance I didn’t have kids in this life because in my last life I was a healer and performed illegal abortions!).

You also discover what is predicted for all the years you have left on the earth including how, when, and where you will die . (Learning that part is optional!)

Deepak had experienced a Nadi reading the year before he took us and he was blown away by the process and the accuracy. One small tidbit from his reading was that learned the name his mother was born with, a family secret he never knew that turned out to be true! He was also given additional life direction he had not previously considered and put that into action and was very pleased with the results.

These readings have information that cannot be found on the internet and the priests who do the readings, don’t read or write English. We were in a remote forest, six hours from the next city, in a concrete block room with a single light bulb over head and no other electronics, and an outhouse!

It all begins by providing your thumbprint. With that thumbprint (they do not know your name or date of birth, just whether you are male or female) a search begins for the bundle of palm leafs that may contain your leaf.

At my first in-person reading in the forest, my reader/priest was named Ravi and my translator was Babu. It took about 45 minutes before Ravi finally had the right leaf for me. (That was about the average time it took for most of us).

We knew he had the right leaf because it contained the names of my parents and husband (all badly mispronounced – imagine hearing Sheila and Harvey in “hinglish”), they told me my name was Arielle (that is not the name I was born with, I was so shocked I asked them to show me which marking on the leaf represented “Arielle”) and included that I was born early on a Monday morning (which even I didn’t know ‘till I got home and looked it up), that I have a younger brother & sister and that my father had two wives (all of which is true) and then proceeded to give me extreme details about the remainder of my life including the kind of work I do, business things to beware of, dates for auspicious things to do, upcoming physical ailments, all of which happened even though I had forgotten about them till I checked my notes years later.

Over the years many people have wanted to have Nadi readings but unless you went to South India and had a connection to the “right” readers, it was impossible.

A few months ago I met an amazing man who has now found a way to provide Nadi readings from South India via Zoom. I recently had a reading and it was just as real and authentic and mind-blowing as my in person reading. I was astounded by the amount of details I was given about what is happening now and in my coming days. They knew stuff about some of my thinking that I haven’t even shared with Brian yet!

Is there a leaf for everyone? No. However, if this is something you are interested in, they will search for your bundle (which can take a month or two), and if it is not found, they will refund your deposit.

Learn more all about it below and then decide if it’s right for you.

Learn more here


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