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Dear Arielle and Brian:

When you meet your soulmate, do you know it pretty much right away, and if things go wrong, is he then not your soulmate? How do you know, if things seem great and then fall apart?
I have a situation that is pretty unique, and i’m not sure what to make of it. I am getting mixed signals and even though i am in my 40’s, i don’t know how to navigate this. Does the path of true love always run smooth if the person is your soulmate. I don’t know whether to give up or wait it out.


Dear Lynn,
Thank you so much for your very important question—you certainly are not alone with these thoughts and feelings regarding your loved one. I would lovingly suggest you navigate this from an open heart and trust the answers will be provided for you. Your concern and doubt might originate from your ego which naturally tries to protect you— So please enlist you’re amazing intuition to help you gain some clarity on these “mixed signals.” Your intuition is truly the best “tool” in your “toolbox” to expand your awareness, receive deeper insights and discern (from the heart) so as to hopefully grow the relationship, heal the relationship or at the least understand from a place of love and not resentment, despair or anger that the relationship isn’t serving the two of you. Lynn, lets give it a try—close your eyes and focus on your heart for a few minutes and actually “feel” love been showered upon you from your beloved, a pet, source, God whatever and whoever will give immediate “goosebumps” and then answer these questions. Are you inspired when your with your beloved? Do you feel healed? Do you feel safe and secure? Do you feel renewed? Are your fears dissolving? If your “feeling” good about what comes up for you then you’re truly on the right path to a healthy authentic sacred relationship. If things are clouded and you haven’t raised the expectation bar to high for your man then be honest with yourself and your beloved and take the steps to go your separate ways.
Lynn, all relationships (Soulmates included) are never smooth all the time but if you live from the heart I promise that you will feel filled up more often and the turbulence will be minimized. I think with the help of your intuition you’ll never have to ask yourself whether you have to “give up” on the relationship or “wait it out.” The answer will be clear and come from within—you’ll just want to “dive in” for more BIG LOVE!!!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

Arielle & Brian

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