Are You Three Feet from Soulmate Gold?

During the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s there was a prospector named Mr. Darby who spent weeks with a pick and a shovel digging for gold ore.

He found a fair amount in a short time. He then went back in search of the motherlode. He dug and dug but couldn’t find any more gold.

He decided to give up and sold his equipment to a junkman and went home. The junkman decided to call in an expert, a mining engineer, for help.

The engineer checked the mine and calculated that there was a vein of gold just three feet from Mr. Darby had stopped digging.

Just three feet!

The junkman went on to make millions!

I share this story with you because you could be just three feet away from your Soulmate and you don’t even know it.

Maybe it’s time for you to have your own “expert” to help you discover the Soulmate who may be closer than you think!

Thomas Edison, was fond of saying that inspiration was only one percent of success and the other ninety-nine percent was hard work.

So many people give up on their dreams and desires when they are literally within reach of the finish line.

What if you are just three feet from your Soulmate gold?

What if all that’s been missing is the guidance, support and step-by-step system you need to access the power to manifest the love of your life in 2023?

Let me take you by the hand and guide you to the partner of your dreams via The Love Codes, the amazing 12 week on demand, online eCourse Claire Zammit and I have created. It’s usually priced at $597 (plus thousands of dollars of free bonuses) and now

For a very limited time we are offering a $100 holiday discount.

This special price is available today through December 17th.

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It’s time to FINALLY have the loving relationship you deserve.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,


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All the details are here: The Love Codes.

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