Are You in the “Way” of Love?

Dear Soulmate Manifesters,

Greetings! I’m Carol Allen, relationship coach and Vedic astrologer. Arielle and her soulmate, Brian, are on vacation so she’s graciously asked me to share with you some of what I’ve discovered in my almost two decades of working with single women looking for their BIG LOVE (as Arielle calls it…).

Sadly, I see the same things needlessly stop otherwise fantastic singles again and again.

So perhaps you’ve noticed these issues in your own love life:
1. You don’t TRULY believe that your dream partner can be found and will want you, too.

2. You aren’t TRULY on a MISSION to make your dreams of love come true, thinking it should all magically “work out” – so you take too little action, or the wrong action.

3. You let the pain of things not going the way you’d hoped eclipse the vision of what you want, causing you to spiral back through #1 and #2…
Any of that sound familiar?

Well, here’s the good news – all of that can change with just one thing – INFORMATION. Seriously, the right information is the key to everything you want. But most people don’t have a clue what to do to change their single status, so they run on the wrong assumptions, fears, and outmoded ideas causing them to make choices and engage in behaviors that then virtually guarantee they’ll stay single.

You need to know things like:
– The top four places women meet their husbands.
– The top two reasons men stop calling.
– The #1 mindset you MUST have to create attraction.
– How to tell if a guy is right for you by date #2, before you’ve lost your heart…

I’ve put this and so much more into a CD/DVD program that I promise will make a massive, positive difference in the way you meet, date, and mate with men. Best of all, Arielle is one of three amazing guest speakers sharing her soulmate secrets for manifesting love, and some of her favorite success stories. (She ROCKED the house…)

To learn more about it, or to sign up for my free astrology and love newsletter, click here: CAROL ALLEN

It’s great you’re turning to resources like Arielle for inspiration and support. You truly can have all that you desire, you just need to believe it, go on a “love mission” making the right effort, and keep the faith no matter what…

Wishing you BIG LOVE!

Carol Allen

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