The BIGGEST Mistake Women Make with Men

The BIGGEST Mistake Women Make with Men (without even realizing it!)

Gina is a great coach. She’s smart, beautiful, and successful. She’s well traveled and well respected. She has great friends. Gina’s life is full.

Gina loves to make people feel special. She loves sharing ideas and giving advice.

When Gina meets a man she likes, she gives him phone calls, little gifts, and often her body without asking for anything in return.

Gina is a generous woman.

Gina thinks by giving more, she’ll be more appreciated and loved. (Her friends adore her.)

But guess what?

Gina’s giving is preventing her from getting what she wants most…a successful, intimate romantic relationship.

Gina thinks the more she gives to a man, the more he will appreciate her and want her. Gina is sadly mistaken.

Little boys may appreciate what Gina offers, but a real man does not want a generous woman. No matter how much he says he does.

Oh, he will snack for a while. (Is there a man among us who doesn’t enjoy free treats?)

But he won’t fall in love.

So when Gina gives more by doing for him, performing for him, giving him ideas and advice, he doesn’t love it. He resents it. He finds it disrespectful.

And ultimately, he leaves.

Most men do not wake up in the morning and thank God for sending a woman to tell him what to do.

Men cannot fall in love with women who give too much.

Men fall in love with women who love themselves first and know how to give back in appreciation.

Men must “do good” to “feel good”.

Women must “feel good” to “do good”.

(Think about this for a moment.)

If you are “doing good” for someone without “feeling good” about it, you are giving too much. (Unless of course, you are a man.) (There are many “men” in women’s bodies.)

When we give equally to a man, we neutralize the chemistry.

When we give more, we block intimacy.

When we give less and appreciate what he offers, we fall in love.

So the next time you want to give to a man you like…your date, your husband, your teenage son…

Ask yourself, “Am I giving too much?”

If the answer is “yes”, then stop what you are doing (or saying) and wait for him to give you something. (It could be a compliment, a dinner invitation or a piece of advice, whatever…)

Then say “thank you”.

It can be uncomfortable to receive what a man has to offer. (Especially since it will never be how or what you would give.) (Ever.)

But it is important to acknowledge him and say “thanks”. (At the very least, he is giving you information about who he is.)

When you stop giving too much and learn to appreciate and respect what a man can give…you will be rewarded! (Big time!)

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