Are You Afraid to Die?

You may be wondering, “Arielle, why in the world would you ask me that question?”

It’s because I understand. I understand that many people fear their own death, the death of a loved one, or are traumatized by having lost someone special to them – whether a friend, a spouse, and parent or a beloved pet.

Here’s the beautiful reminder, we’re spiritual beings. We still exist, even after our physical body moves past its unpredictable expiration date.

If you would love a good read — and some enlightenment — my dear friend Peggy McColl has written a new book. It will provide you with a whole new level of understanding about death, what happens, how to handle it… and will forever leave you with, dare I say, a totally different perspective on death, the afterlife, and connecting with those we love after they’re gone.

Savy Wisdom From Beyond is a page-turner of a story that delivers life-transforming insights and lessons that are both practical and mystical. While the main theme is about dying and grief, surprisingly this is an uplifting book about death. Given that we are all going to die, along with everyone we have ever loved, this is a must- read for all.

Click here to pick up your copy today during the launch and pick up some incredible bonuses too!

When you order today, Peggy is throwing in the audiobook version in addition, as well as the ebook version and some exclusive video interviews.

Wishing you love, laughter, and a long, healthy life,


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