Marci Shimoff and Sergio Baroni
Marci Shimoff and Sergio BaroniMarci made a detailed soulmate list while she completed one of the biggest books of her career. She understood the importance of being “ready” while she trusted the timing of the Universe. At the perfect moment her soulmate appeared and they have now been together for years.

Peggy McColl and Denis Beliveau
Peggy McColl and Denis BeliveauPeggy wrote a daily affirmation which she affirmed with total conviction: “I am happy and grateful now that my soulmate and I have met easily, effortlessly and perfectly.” Within weeks a neighbor came to her front door and asked for a favor. Sure enough it was her soulmate, Denis, and they are now blissfully happily married.

John and Maria Assaraf
John and Maria AssarafJohn was hugely successful in business, but after two divorces he felt like a failure in love. He focused on learning the language of love and wrote a detailed soulmate wish list. After six years of dating Maria he re-discovered his list and when he realized that she met his list perfectly, he promptly proposed. They have now been blissfully married for years.

Jenny Keller and Drew Heriot
Jenny Keller and Drew HeriotDrew wrote out his soulmate list and consciously surrendered it to the Universe. Jenny created a soulmate spreadsheet and then trusted her intuition to attend an event where she met Drew. Sparks flew and they are now recently married!

Kathi Diamant and Byron LaDue
Kathi Diamant and Byron LaDueKathi’s soulmate list perfectly described Byron but it was a sunset epiphany in Puerto Vallarta where she learned the most important lesson: that loving herself and her life was crucial. They have now been married 12 years.

Colette Baron-Reid and Marc Lindeman
Colette Baron-Reid and Marc LindemanColette manifested the man she asked for but had failed to love herself enough to ask for the man she deserved. She focused on healing her pain of the past and when she was ready she let her intuition guide her to her soulmate Marc. They have now been married 3 years.

Sean Roach and Pia Aip
Sean Roach and Pia AipSean wasn’t a believer in the Law of Attraction but he took a chance and added a photo to his cellphone to remind him daily of his intention to manifest Big Love. He soon met his soulmate, Pia, and they are now planning to spend the rest of their lives together.

Ken and Judy Foster
Ken and Judy FosterKen stepped into his power and then held the intention for his soulmate to arrive. He created a detailed treasure map and soon manifested his wife of 9 years, Judy.

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  1. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    I wanted to share my soulmate experience with you. I was in a 8 year (unhealthy) relationship from high school all throughout college. Everyone thought we were going to be high school sweethearts and was sure we would end up getting married, but I just knew I was not being treated the way I deserved to be treated. I decided to end the relationship, I would rather have had the heartbreak and have been alone than to be treated the way I was.

    I found work in the next town over, so I had somewhat of a new beginning. It was then that I really got into the Law of Attraction, slowly I found myself meeting people with the same beliefs and new people with so much insight on life. One of my friends suggested I read your book, so I ordered it. I followed your exercises exactly as you described them. I made a detailed vision board, and a very detailed soulmate list, which I had my sister look over. I slowly started rearranging my room and finally let other people help in finding me a partner.

    On the day I finished your book, I went in to work my shift and the bartender said he wanted to meet two single guys who were sitting at the bar, I smiled but was very shy, and they left soon after. I was interested in one of them, Evan, but I did not really speak to him, however I noticed he left his phone charger at my job.

    That following week I went with friends to a bar I usually did not go to, only to see Evan standing there. He walked right up to me and said hi and brought up his phone charger. We talked the whole night and exchanged phone numbers. The following week we went on our first date. Evan was a popular football player and was not the type to settle down, so at first I was very cautious. But then I just could not help it- we just clicked and I had feelings for him I did not think I could have. I fell head over heels for him, and he did for me too.

    When cleaning I found my vision board and soulmate list about 6 month into our relationship, only to find all of the guys resembled him, and even one picture had a guy in a football uniform. Then, when I found my Soulmate list I was speechless. He met all 50 of the qualities on the list, it described him perfectly. He is of a different religion than me so I was sure I put someone of my religion on my list, but I did not, I simply wrote ” spiritual” which he is.

    We have now been together for over a year and we could not be happier. It is an extraordinary kind of love, truly special. I am so grateful for your insight and believe it led me to this point. I cant thank you enough! I share your book with all of my girlfriends. Thank you!!

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