Your Way or God’s Way?

katzkiss1-1When it comes to manifesting a soulmate the single most important thing to have total clarity on is how you desire to feel when you are with your beloved.

For those of you who are hyper focused on the “form” of the coming relationship, I am inviting you to shift into the “feeling space” and for just now, let go of your wish list regarding the physical form (on all levels) you think you need.  (the Divine may have something in mind for you that is beyond your ability to conceive of right now)

Here’s a little exercise to try every morning for the next week that will assist you in having laser-like clarity on this:

When you begin to wake up, before you even open your eyes, imagine that your beloved in lying in bed, sleeping quietly and peacefully.

You can sense the warmth and weight of their presence but they are not touching you.

In this moment, how are you feeling?  Loved? Happy? Safe? Serene? Excited? Relieved? Filled with gratitude? Content?

Allow yourself to experience the depth of your positive emotions for your love connection with your soulmate.

In your mind, whisper to them words of love, appreciation and gratitude for all the ways they enrich your life.

You do not to know how or when this reality came to be.

It’s not important to know their height, weight, income level or job description, just feel the deliciousness of their divine presence and breathe it in.

Thank them for the gift of sharing a life with you.

Tell them that you now know and trust that they are on the way to you.

Put a big smile on your face, swallow the smile and let it land in every organ of your body, and when you are ready, gently open your eyes and begin your day.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


P.S. The beautiful painting of the lovers is by  The original hangs in my office!


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