Will you LOVE all of you – wounds, warts, and all?

Long, long ago, I thought if I just took the right workshop, read the right self-help books, or found a magic wand, I would find happiness and peace of mind.

And, doing all of those things helped a bit.

It certainly gave me some relief as well as insight and understanding as to how and why I had my issues.

But, after thousands of dollars, countless hours of various practices, I finally figured something out: Getting rid of the problem isn’t the best goal, and in a lot of cases, with core wounds, not even possible. Having worked closely with many of the biggest names in personal growth, here’s what I observed:

They went on a mission to heal something within themselves.

They found a solution.

They became so excited they wanted to share it with the world, which they did or have done.

And, while they (and I) came up with ways to mitigate and offset their personal pain, and maybe even healed themselves 80%, their core wound(s) are still a driving factor in their lives. Whether their issue was feeling like a fraud, poverty consciousness, insecurity, eating disorders, or being unlovable, etc.

I’ve learned that while they are highly functional and successful, they still have their demons.

For me, witnessing this was an aha moment.

While I am very grateful that I have a “spiritual tool kit,” filled with things to get me through my bouts of negative thinking and/or anxiety, I have come to accept that my issues are here for good, and I can use my tools to alleviate any suffering while I do the most important thing which is this:
I get to accept all of me, wounds, warts and all, and to stop looking for the cure-all and just love me. Perfectly, imperfect me.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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