Turkey Day Fun & Survival Tips

Thanksgiving with the family can be a mixed bag of emotions…from happiness and gratitude to stress, anxiety and worse when your buttons get pushed. Most likely you may experience a bit of all of these feelings.

To move yourself from “annoyed to enjoyed”, whether the Turkey burns or Uncle Joe gets sloppy drunk, do what I do – remember that my #1 job is to “be pleasant” while having the intention to have as much fun as possible.

Whether you are cooking at home or a guest at someone’s house, put on your imaginary rose colored glasses while setting the intention that you are bringing the love, the light, and the fun.

As you greet each guest, offer them a warm hug and a sincere compliment and ask them what they are most excited about these days and then really listen to them. Make the day all about everyone else in the room.

Have few dumb jokes ready to share.
One of my favorites is this:
Did you hear about the zoo that only had one dog?
It was a shitzu!!

If you are single and someone is prying about your love life, and you don’t want to get into it with them, try this:

“Thanks for asking, I am doing some casual dating and having fun. What are YOU up to these days?” (basically, change the subject)

Or, if you want to mess with them, try a version of this:

“I’m madly in love! I have found this brilliant artist who lives off the grid in a tent in an RV campground with his three dogs and writes me the most breathtaking poetry. He’s been sober for six months and is re-establishing relationships with his four kids and two ex-wives, the sex is amazing, and I really think he’s the one! I’ll keep you posted. Then either laugh and tell them you are joking, or walk away and keep them hanging.

To get you into a deeply loving space, please enjoy this 8-minute gratitude and love feelingization.

Wishing you a delicious and Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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