Looking for a special gift for your Sweetheart?

Open your partner’s heart with this:

Imagine how your mate would feel if you promised to never again nag him or her about that thing about them that bugs you.  I thought of the Wabi Sabi Amnesty Vow idea thinking about Brian and how patient he has been over all the years we have been together.

The truth is, I am a bit more tightly wound than Brian and I adore his easy goingness, but over the years we have given each other the gift of forgiveness over and over again.  Why?  Simple.  Our very natures are quite diverse….we naturally bug each other.

Wabi Sabi Love has softened both of our hearts and created the lasting bond we enjoy.

If you are longing for more closeness from your mate…YOU start by giving your partner the gift that really does keep on giving…Send a Wabi Sabi Amnesty Vow