Traits of Successful Women Who Manifested Their Conscious Partner

You’ve heard the cliché, “success leaves a trail of breadcrumbs,” and having met and interviewed tons of smart, super-successful women who went from alone and dateless to happily married to their conscious soulmate, I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of the qualities they brought forward in themselves to make it happen.

~ They made “finding the One” their biggest priority and made a big commitment to it.

~ They took personal responsibility for their own happiness.

~ They gave up the “story” that they are “too busy” to date and made the necessary time.

~ They soul-searched to discover the traits and qualities they most desired and needed in a soulmate and let go of unrealistic or unnecessary requirements (Brad Pitt looks with a Trump-sized bank account)

~ They learned to understand how and why to shift into their feminine energy when spending time with a conscious, masculine man (as well as how to dance in both their feminine and masculine energies in the world)

~ They prioritized self-care, self-love, and pleasure into their daily routine.

~ They invested time into clearing their limiting beliefs about themselves, men, dating, marriage and online dating.

~ They consciously enlisted the support of friends and ancestors (on the other side) for their “love team.”

~ They created ways to “self-soothe” for the times when they were disappointed, frustrated or ready to give up.

~ They were brave and courageous, were willing to “feel the fear and do it anyway” when it comes to dating.

~ They understood that 98% of the time they would “not know” if he was even a strong potential candidate on the first date and would give “good guys” 3 -5 dates to learn more about them. (Most women don’t feel strong chemistry till date #5!)

~ They made a strong commitment to not waste time with men who quickly raised “red flags.” They did not “smoke the hopium pipe” thinking they could invest in his “potential” be the one to convince a never married 50 year old to make a commitment he has no track record (or likely capacity) of making in the past.

~ They are open-minded, open-hearted, curious and understand that they are not perfect, nor will their beloved be perfect, but they are willing to learn how to perfectly love an imperfect human being.

~ They understand that there will be many disappointing dates, but they do not give up, knowing and trusting that their soulmate is also looking for them.

~ They are willing to get comfortable with the paradox of manifestation—that we must be in strong intention and action while simultaneously being surrendered and detached from outcome.

For some women manifesting a soulmate only took a few months, for others it took three years, all of them said it was worth the effort and they are now happily connected to the conscious partner of their dreams.

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