The One Thing Blocking You From Love (or whatever you most desire)

Have you ever tried to drive with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake?

Impossible, right?

It’s the same with manifesting whatever your heart’s desire is.

When one part of you really, really has a desire, such as a soulmate, some contrary belief or thought (conscious or unconscious) can be holding you back.

It’s as if you are sending The Universe mixed messages and you end up with nothing.

The thoughts and beliefs that are the most common blocks around love include:

  • I’m afraid of getting hurt again (yes – if you fall in love with your soulmate, there will be days when you will feel “hurt” – it’s unavoidable.)
  • I’m too old, too fat, too damaged, or too something.
  • All the good ones are taken.
  • I am unlucky in love.
  • My life is already good and I don’t really need anyone.
  • I will lose my freedom.

And, there are so many more. Just having one of these thoughts can be the one thing blocking you from love.

imagesWhatever your belief, thought, or excuse is, here is what I know for sure: Sharing your life with someone who loves you, for exactly who you are, someone who supports you, and has your back, is SO WORTH IT!

Changing your beliefs and thoughts begins with managing and becoming aware of them.  When you catch yourself having a contradictory thought, stop and say “cancel, cancel” and then rewrite the script in your head.

And, if you find yourself stuck in negativity and can’t figure out how to stop the noise, find a therapist or a coach to work with.

You deserve to have love.

You deserve to have the life you desire.

And only you can make it happen.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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