The Most Loving Thing You Can Do

girl heart bag gift-8When I was single, I dreaded Valentine’s Day.   In spite of my best efforts to “remain positive,” V-Day was a glaring reminder that I was all alone and it kicked up my insecurities that somehow true love was not in the cards for me.  If only I knew then what I eventually figured out…. That big love is possible for everyone.

One of my favorite quotes from A Course In Miracles is this:

“The only thing that can be lacking in any situation is that which you are not giving.”

If you feel your life is lacking love, the best way to have more love is to give love and one way to do that is by focusing on a few of your beloved single friends and finding ways to honor them and make them feel special this Valentines Day.

First, buy them a beautiful card and share with them how much you love them and all the things that you find so loveable…. make it a true Love Letter!

Then, find a small gift….flowers, chocolates, a rose quartz heart for their altar or pocket, a gift certificate for a massage, a friendship bracelet, a book of poetry, a great romantic comedy DVD…. anything that you think will make them smile.  Wrap it beautifully and ship it or hand deliver it.

This Valentines Day one of the most loving things you can do is share your love with others.  I promise you will fill yourself up with joy and they will be surprised and delighted as well.

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