The Love Thief ON SALE NOW! Here’s Chapter One.

If you LOVE a good summer beach read, if you’ve ever had your heart broken and, if you are willing to see that dreams really do come true…. this book is for you.

He broke her heart and crushed her dreams. And then karma intervened.

This is what happens in The Love Thief, along with a very juicy revenge subplot and a surprise happy ending!

After nearly 5 years and dozens of rewrites, my debut novel, The Love Thief is now, finally, available.

And, if you are ready for Chapter One, here is a video link (or you can read it below).

Chapter One:

My mother was right. Shit.

As I began my descent back into the real world, I wanted to laugh at this thought, but I wasn’t sure why.

Now, where am I?

I could hear rhythmic mechanical beeping.

My eyes were closed, and my mouth was so tight I couldn’t open it. I must be dreaming.

I felt a heaviness as if I were stuck in some mucky quicksand.

Thoughts floated by and disappeared.

Am I asleep?
My mother was right.
There was that thought again.
Right about what?

“Holly, Holly, are you in there? Can you open your eyes? It’s me, Mom.” Did I want to open my eyes? I wasn’t sure …

“Holly, you’re in a hospital. You had an accident. You are going to be okay. Please open your eyes.”

I willed my eyes to open. They felt sticky, but I slowly coaxed them to half-mast.

My mother’s face hovered above me… she looked terrible. Not a smidgen of lipstick.

This must be bad. She never goes out in public without her lipstick.

Something pulled me away, luring me to return to sleep. Whatever this was could not be good.

“Holly, please open your eyes. You’re going to be okay,” Mom pleaded.

Footsteps. Pushing through the grogginess, I opened my heavy eyelids enough to see a middle-aged woman in a white coat above me. She said her name was Dr. Something.

She explained that my jaw was wired shut because it had been broken in the car accident. A car accident? She told me I had eighteen stitches over my right eyebrow and my right wrist was fractured and would be in a cast for four to five weeks and, if all goes well, my jaw would heal in six weeks. She said I was a very lucky woman. It could have been much worse.

It could have been worse? I still did not understand. Worse than what?

This was all too much. I dove back into the comforting, safe, silky darkness of morphine-laced sleep.

I’m not sure how much time later, I came to again, sensing warmth in my left hand… it felt like something big was squishing it. Someone was holding my hand and I needed it to stop. I did my best to pull away.

“Holly, Baby, thank God you are alive! What happened? You scared me to death. Your mom is here too. We’re here for you! Don’t worry about that big gash and stitches over your eye. We’ll find the best plastic surgeon and have you looking great in time for the wedding.”

It was Barry, my fiancé, talking at his usual over-caffeinated pace, not bothering to come up for air.

My addiction to playing online jigsaw puzzles seems to have paid off. Flashes of scenes rapidly clicked into place and the events that landed me here in this hospital bed became a string of memories.

All bad.

Without wanting to, I visualized the last screenshot I took on my phone before the car crash. It was all I could see in my mind.

My stomach clenched and a zillion images suddenly tumbled into my head. Tears slid out of the corners of my eyes, and I felt crushed as if a jumbo jet had crash-landed into my heart. Once again that thought circled like a buzzard through the fog in my brain: Mom was right.

So…….. what was Mom right about? It’s all in my new novel!

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ADVANCE PRAISE for The Love Thief

“The Love Thief is a rip-rollicking spiritual love story that leaves you gasping with all the feels and clamoring for the sequel. Complete with a narcissist villain and magnetic healers and sages, what a tale Arielle Ford has cooked up as she guides us on a delicious trip to magical India. The Love Thief is a must-read.”

Sheri Salata former Executive Producer of The Oprah Show

“Opening Arielle Ford’s debut novel, The Love Thief, is like being invited into a private world where wealth, decadence, love, betrayal, spirituality and women’s empowerment are all on display. I read it through in one sitting and gobbled up every morsel—a perfect combination of hilarious moments and magnificently written scenes, rounded out with some heartbreaking relationship issues. Witty and cleverly told, it’s the kind of book about love every woman needs to read. I can’t wait for it to be a movie!”

– Crystal Andrus Morissette, bestselling author of The Emotional Edge

“Wow! What a ride! Arielle Ford has managed to weave life lessons and transformation into such a captivating story that has it all – betrayal, love, revenge, and vindication. This is an emotional journey where you’ll feel all the feels and finish so completely satisfied, you’ll want a hypothetical cigarette. I love how this book doesn’t follow the rules or fall into an expected genre. Be prepared to be enchanted!”

– Natalie Ledwell – Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of

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