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  1. Adriana Shimabukuro
    Adriana Shimabukuro says:

    It´s funny because I started to read this book last year (2011), at the time I discovered a new spiritual path, where I found my spiritual guides. Close to my birthday, a man came on Facebook (I knew him from Orkut from 4 years ago) and we started a relationship. But everything was too fast, too much, there was too much attraction but no talk, a great passion but it was hard to be actually at ease with each other. So we broke up, still I have some upheavals, but all was a coincidence, as to start the Feng Shui in my house exactly when I got into the Feng Shui chapter (I got worried because he saw my house and it was a little messy). I would try to make anything to get it right, but somehow it seemed it wasn´t to be. And when we broke up, I had to check on my list, that was outdated for the person I was more than 10 years ago. Another coincidence: I got exactly in the chapter of the list when that happened. I realized my guides told me to go with him, not because he would be my husband from this life (though through the passion I believe he was a soulmate from other lives), but because I needed to heal many things. I had to forgive my father, I had to forgive and treat myself from my mother´s energies and mad behaviour in terms of sex (she had a serious childhood trauma) and I had to heal from past wounds from another man, which he healed right away. I felt in him a very light energy, the energy of the birds, a purity of his own. But I know we couldn´t be together. I wasn´t being myself, ever since his spiritual practice is very different from mine and we would clash with it (though we believe in Jesus), and also our rents were too different (my parents do have money nowadays and I have a much better condition and a much better job) and – we didn´t talk. So we started to be apart naturally and I know I need more than that. And he was much younger than me, even though we were working and we have superior graduation. Ok, so I desired Ashton Kutcher once and put it in my website, I think the universe got it so… My fault. But now I understand my guides sent me him to heal myself and to get on track again. With the help of your book, I know I can find my husband. My guides told me he would be on my way this June 2012 on. So I decided to savor the waiting by making a self help group with other single friends, by reading each chapter of the book in the meetings and we will all apply the principles in our lives. Thank you so much Arielle, I wanted to thank you so much for letting us know about these truths. Relationships in the past were very hard and difficult, mostly as a convenience style, there were so many taboos and so many unhappy people out there. It was even easier to break up this time because there was no guilt or hate or accusations, just a comprehension that we were there just to heal ourselves and we would find our soulmates. I pray for you and Brian.

  2. Sandra Franco
    Sandra Franco says:

    Thank you so much for writing this book. A few days ago I decided to let someone go, I began looking for a book on heartbreak and healing. I found one but something told me to keep looking and I came across the title “The Soulmate Secret”. The name caught my eye and now I’m hooked. I am so excited about meeting my husband. I always knew that there was someone out there for me but I just didn’t know how to go about it. Tonight I will write my letter to the man from my past.

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    So grateful for the quiz and your other materials! Such a gift. Arielle , your attract your soulmate now series were for me an answered prayer.Talk about attracting the things and people plus places as is one’s state of mind. It sure works! Will share with your soon my soulamate story very soon , pretty soon indeed.Yes, it is so!


  4. brigette zemljak
    brigette zemljak says:

    Ive already met my soulmate trying to get back to him. We met in 1987 in a niteclub in melbourne l was 23 years old. At the time l couldnt accept him in my life but there a connection made. I was living a abusive family life, and the night we met in front of him my older brother was verbally abusing me l couldnt tell him so l said goodbye. This year in january he was sleep walking strange to my home he was here for 2 weeks holding me, also saw the pain l was in, l began to cry he put his hand on my shoulder. l had bottled up what happen to me for 23 years never told a soul ever, in my mind l always thought of him, every year l wished him merry xmas, happy easter and wished him a great new year l spoke to the universe. Ive dealed with what happen hes the only person who wish for have for 23 years. While he was here l experienced something l never felt before the burning of love in heart but also there was alot of pain, he open up everything in his heart showed it all to me. I can feel him with me everyday since january he been here walking though my home, lm not afraid l belive hes protecting me letting me know he coming for me. Ive been reading your books l really love them, lve done everything you say know lm waiting.
    It would be great if you can share your views, lve emailed alot of other authurs no has emailed me back.
    Thank you

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