Possible Love Turbulence Coming

I was talking to my dear friend Carol Allen, Vedic astrologer extraordinaire, the other day and she shared with me about upcoming planetary conditions that will be affecting a lot of love lives…. I invited her to write this guest blog to shed some light on what to expect:

carol_closeup_400Celestial Storms Ahead – What To Do…

Have you ever been excited to know what astrology can tell you, but scared at the same time?

Your chart might say that guy you like is all wrong for you…

Or that this isn’t your year to find love…

Or that trouble is headed your way…

Who wants to hear that? But it’s exactly for that very reason you SHOULD consult the stars.

It can be incredibly helpful to know!

You like knowing when it’s going to rain so you can bring an umbrella.

You get medical tests to find out as early as possible if something is wrong, so you can FIX it and avoid MUCH BIGGER problems later.

Astrology works like that.

Which is why I feel I should warn you about what’s going on this month, and into September…


In the next month a stressful “celestial storm,” and all of our patience and goodwill, will be tested – both at the personal level, and on the world stage…

The most difficult indicators (the planets Mars and Saturn, and the “nodes of the Moon” called Rahu and Ketu – eclipse points that bring incredible impact) are all activating one another to their highest degree, in dramatic, intense signs, starting this week and lasting into mid-September, causing incredible stress and tension.

Not only that, but at the end of the month Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde.

Then on September 1st, the Sun will be partially eclipsed in the sign of Leo… followed by a lunar eclipse a couple of weeks later, making us all extra sensitive.

As if that weren’t enough, the planet of love, grace, and diplomacy – Venus – goes into its weakest sign (Virgo) on the 24th of August where it stays until September 19th, making it hard for many of us to face the strain with our best behavior.


So, should we all draw the shades and hide under the covers for the next few weeks?

Of course not… but we FOR SURE need to be more loving and patient with ourselves and everyone else…

Each of us will personally be affected differently – some more than others.

These combinations – especially all happening at once – can be very rough on our relationships, and make it a difficult time to meet someone new.

This is when misunderstandings abound, patience runs thin, and tempers flare.

The good news? This is a powerful time to realize what needs to be changed or healed in our lives and hearts (as our “weak links” become more pronounced, giving us greater insight).

And this is a perfect time to REALLY see what you need to know about yourself and others, and get clarity about your love life. (This is when everyone’s mask comes off, so you get to see who they REALLY are.)

And astrology can help!

You see, we all come “preloaded at the factory” with weaknesses and strengths in our “capacity” to love – and knowing what you most need to feel your best, can help you navigate challenging times (and people!) with much less drama, and far more joy.

Amazingly, the ancient texts of Vedic astrology reveal simple techniques to uncover just this – strengths and weaknesses in LOVE CAPACITY…

If you’d like to know JUST what you need to do to feel your best at all times (even during a stressful “stellar stack up”), or just what you need to know about the “special someone” you’ve been seeing or thinking about, check out a report (The “Chart Your Heart” or “Chart HIS Heart” report) that can tell you what you need to know…

Is he too independent, angry, sensitive, workaholic, unconventional for a full relationship, or should you give it more time?

Are you accepting yourself and building yourself up to be your best, or do you keep thinking you should be someone else (someone stronger, more easy-going, and more fun than you)?

The intensity of the next few weeks could bring us all “make or break” moments… and this report can help you navigate them with as much awareness and ease as possible…

Of course, if you find you’re never your best self with someone (and neither are they) in spite of your strong feelings or attachment to them, the ancient techniques of Vedic astrology when it comes to relationship compatibility are astonishing… going WAY beyond whether or not you’ll “like” each other, but actually revealing if you can FEEL good together, and energetically bring forward each other’s best…

This is the perfect time to discover this as well!


Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,



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Do You Believe in Fated Love?

If you’ve read my book, “The Soulmate Secret” you may remember that right after I met Brian I had my Vedic astrologer look at both of our charts. He said that our relationship is “the most fated he’d ever seen,” and he predicted we would get married. Eventually he even selected our wedding dates. (We had three weddings!)

In case you were wondering, what the heck is Vedic astrology? It’s the ancient system of astrology from India and it’s AMAZING for looking at relationships and compatibility. In fact, it’s still used by the majority of the Hindu population to arrange marriages.

They do what I did, call their astrologer to see if a marriage candidate is a good “match” or not. For years I’ve been consulting a friend of mine, Carol Allen. She’s both a Vedic astrologer and a relationship coach. She combines the best “out of this world” advice with the most cutting-edge “real world” advice in a great newsletter you can sign up for at the attached link.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “astrology is silly…” you haven’t seen Vedic astrology. Her newsletter is 90% relationship advice (because even Carol will tell you, it’s more important what you DO in love, than what the stars are doing), and I highly recommend it.

Carol offers an amazing compatibility report called, “The Right Man Report” that will to tell you if your relationships are “fated” and a good match, and what to do if they’re not…the report is only $19.97 (and it¹s 100% money-back guaranteed). You deserve all the support and help you can get on your journey to find and keep lasting love, and Carol can help.

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