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Who’s The Man In Your Relationship?

I am a very “bottom-line” person. I speak my mind. I call it as I see it, without all that flowery talk. While this communication style may be very useful in the workplace, I discovered it’s not a quality most men find endearing or attractive. One evening, when I was in my early thirties, I […]

New! What to do if the magic has faded

***************************** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! On December 29th, I’m releasing what I think is my best book ever on love and relationships: Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate: A Practical Guide To Happily Ever After Go to this link to learn how you can order your copy today and receive some really nice bonus gifts, too! ***************************** […]

Exciting Announcement and a Favor…

Arielle here, with some news. I’m just a bit nervous about sharing it… I’m starting a new project: A book where I’m pulling together the information and advice I’ve learned over the years, interviewing the best, most amazing, and cutting edge relationship experts. I’m calling it, The Best Relationship Advice I’ve Ever Gotten. I’m excited about […]