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What Law & Order Taught Me About Love

One of my favorite TV series of the last 20 years is Law and Order. I avidly watch all of the various versions of the show and often fall asleep to re-runs! I’m always impressed with how the defense attorneys stand up for their unlikable clients, working hard to prove that one is “innocent until […]

How? The one word that stifles manifestation

Someone asked me today what my “secret” to manifesting is, and quite simply the answer is “I remember that at the quantum level what I’ve asked for IS already mine.” In the “field” we are ALREADY connected to that which we desire. When you spend your time in a state of deep gratitude, for whatever […]

Be A Badass!

When I was growing up, we had the term “badass,” but it was usually the bully in school who was always in detention, or even worse, sent to military school because he couldn’t get along with the other kids. Today, Badass has a whole new meaning, especially for women, and my friend Nikki Jade defines […]

Single and Blue at Christmas? Here’s What to Do….

Single for the holidays? Feeling down about it? Trying to talk yourself out of your feelings? We live in a world that is forever preaching to us to be upbeat, optimistic and have positive thoughts. I disagree. Some times we have to allow ourselves to simply feel what we are feeling. To deny, ignore, or […]