Snuggling for Long Lasting Love

For my podcast, BIG LOVE, I just interviewed Dr. Helen Fisher, one of the world’s leading researchers on love and the brain. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute and Chief Scientific advisor to, plus she has written six bestsellers on romantic love and sex.

Dr. Fisher uses MRI’s to actually see into the brains of couples and observe if they are still in love, or not, by the way the brain lights up.

One of the most fascinating things she discovered is that the state of “being in love” can actually last a lifetime and she has the science to prove it. (in the podcast, she explains how and why).

Staying in love requires some active practices including doing novel things together, planned sex (don’t wait to be spontaneous or in the mood), and one of my favorites, snuggling!

According to Dr. Fisher we should watch TV and movies together on a couch large enough for two so that we are embracing.

“When we’re touched by a romantic partner, we experience a surge in the hormone oxytocin, often called the “love hormone,” in the brain, which helps to sustain feelings of deep attachment. Walk arm in arm, hold hands, put your foot gently on top of the other person’s under the table, or learn to sleep in the other person’s arms, advises Dr. Fisher. “We’ve evolved all kinds of brain mechanisms to fall madly in love and stay in love,” she says, and touch is high among them.”

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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