Powerful Way To Connect to Love Today

A few weeks ago I wrote about the nature of time and how past, present and future all exist simultaneously on the cosmic level.  This is great news because it means we can connect NOW with our beloved.

There is an easy fun exercise you can do today that will draw your soulmate closer to you, help magnetize them to you, that is part of the “living as if” piece of The Soulmate Secret….. write your soulmate a love letter!

Begin by closing your eyes and imagining that today is a day in the future. Pick a day when you have already been in a committed relationship with your soulmate for at least three or four months.

Then sit down with pen and paper (I prefer this to typing on a computer, there is something more profound and personal about handwriting) and then write your soulmate a beautiful love letter.

Share with them your deepest feelings of gratitude, wonder, joy, and  tell them the beneficial ways they have made your life better, and your excitement about a future with them, as well as all the things you appreciate about them.

Then put this letter in a safe place to give to them someday.

Writing this letter will affirm your knowing, trust and belief that your soulmate does indeed exist and will soon be with you. It will also build a bond and a bridge from your soul to theirs.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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